The ASFI Future in Films Festival is a single day cultural event celebrating the artistic and technical achievements of young (13-18 years old) filmmakers from South Florida. Taking place in Miami, the event consists of an evening of short film screenings, and filmmaker Q&As, and it will be an opportunity for young filmmakers to do networking.

In addition to acknowledging and celebrating South Florida's up-and-coming cinematic talent, the event aims to connect the arts community as well as the local industry with the plethora of talented youth available throughout South Florida, in an effort to create mentorship and development opportunities for young filmmakers interested in pursuing a career in the industry.

The event also aims to create a network of young filmmakers and parents who all share a passion and desire to create artistic cinema at a variety of levels, nurturing young filmmakers to continue to create and develop together across the region, and showing parents the importance of community involvement and partnership in the development of their young artists.

This event seeks to build on the great work being done by local film institutions by including and highlighting the work and talent of young artists throughout South Florida and making these works available to the community. In giving these young artists a platform, as well as inviting industry professionals to participate in the event, ASFI hopes to foster a mentorship culture between notable industry figures in South Florida and young artists yearning to create and participate in the larger industry.

It is our goal that this event will result in ongoing relationships between student filmmakers, parents, industry professionals, and local productions; the sustained goal remains in line with the ASFI mission of constructing mentorship and professional guidance pipelines from local public schools and youth organizations to the larger industry.

ASFI, with partner FIU, will hold the film festival, which includes career and college incentives. Event doors will open at 10:00 AM, with the shorts block screening beginning at 10:30 AM with a total estimated runtime of 60 minutes, followed by a 20-30 minute Q&A with the audience and participating filmmakers. Because the event will be during a school day, ASFI will be supplying buses for some underserved schools.

This year's festival will be really important for these young filmmakers after the social gap that the COVID-19 year gave them. They will be able to have a special event to gather together and celebrate their films, their present, and their future.

The Festival will only allow filmmakers between the ages of 13-18 to submit for consideration to the festival. The Festival will also exclusively consider short films produced after January 2022 for "Official Selection" and screening.

This project is created to serve the young audio-video artists and filmmakers of South Florida, as well as connect the industry at large with a pool of upcoming talent that is otherwise underserved and under-acknowledged. As such, the Festival will only be accepting submissions for projects from South Florida young filmmakers and will be open to admission for anybody in the area.

ASFI Future In Films Festival will define “South Florida filmmakers” as filmmakers currently residing in one of the following: Monroe County (the Keys), any of the three metropolitan counties of Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach, as well as the three "Treasure Coast" counties of Indian River, St. Lucie, and Martin.