Since its 1st edition in Barcelos in 2008, the ART&TUR Festival has effectively fulfilled its mission of making known to the world the best audiovisual productions in Portugal and in the world.

As a forum for sharing experiences, the ART&TUR Festival has achieved a high international recognition, thanks to the quality and quantity of films that it distinguishes annually, as well as its integration into a worldwide network of similar festivals: CIFFT (International Committee of Tourism Film Festivals) that annually elects the best tourism film worldwide, among all the films that travel the international circuit of 16 festivals.

From 2018, ART&TUR Tourism Film Festival rights were transferred from APTUR to Centro de Portugal Film Commission (CPFC). Associated to this change, and thanks to an agreement between the CPFC and the Regional Tourism Entity of Center of Portugal, the ART&TUR Festival will now be held in the Central Region, roaming through the various municipalities of the Center of Portugal.

Worldwide entries are invited: Advertising Campaigns, Promotional Films, Animation, Independent Travel Videos, Documentaries, Webdocs and TV Programmes

The international jury is composed of professionals and experts in the areas of Audiovisual and Cinema, Tourism, Marketing and Communication.

In the National Competition, the jury awards prizes (1st and 2nd place) to the 2 best films in each thematic category and also awards the prize for the best film in each Portuguese tourism region and the Grand Prix (Best Portuguese film).

In the International Competition, the jury awards the prizes in the thematic categories (1st and 2nd place) of the section Promotional Films, Educational Films and Documentaries & TV Reports.

In the world competition of the Festival the Jury will also award the following prizes:
- Grand Prix ART&TUR (Best Film of the Festival)
- Grand Prix Sections (best film in each section)
- Special awards: Best Asian Film, Best Iberian Film, Best European Film, Best American Film, Best Portuguese DOC, Best Commercial and Best Advertising Campaign.

The jury may award special prizes. Winners who can not attend the festival but wish to receive their trophy after the festival can do so, they must inform the organization and make the payment for the processing costs and the respective shipping costs.

The Rules and Regulations are issued in Portuguese and in English. In case of doubt the Portuguese version will be valid.

Please fill in the entry form very carefully. These details provided will be used for certificates and other festival listings. Once the entry form has been submitted, any changes are not possible.

The ART&TUR Festival's mission is to be a national reference in the field of tourism cinema, creating a favorable ecosystem for creativity and innovation in this sector, and honoring the best projects and give them greater national and international visibility.
As a consequence, the ART&TUR Festival is an important means of promoting tourism and territorial branding of the partner brands.

Read the Rules Here:

Overall Rating
  • An Amazing Festival! Great Films. Fantastic hospitality and very well organized. An honor be part of this Festival!

    November 2022
    Response from festival:

    Hi Flavio!!! It was a pleasure being with you this edition of the Festival. We hope we can continue to have your participation in the further editions so we can enhance good films that represent good projects full of creativity and quality. All the best!!!

  • Martina Crnčević

    Very nice festival, we had an amazing time!

    November 2022
    Response from festival:

    Hi Martina!!! Thanks so much for participating at this edition of ART&TUR. We hope we can continue to have your films at our festival in further editions. It was a big joy to have your participation and for us it marked the beggining of a good professional relation. All the best from ART&TUR team.

  • Antonis Kitsikis

    Great Festival, definitely worth to check!

    November 2022
    Response from festival:

    HI Antonis. Thanks so much for your review. For us it was a pleasure to welcome you in Portugal at this ART&TUR edition. We hope we can count with you for further editions at ART&TUR Festival. Please accept our acknowledgment and recognition for your very good work. All the best from all the team at ART&TUR

  • Terry Costa

    Excellent festival. Amazing staff/team. I felt so welcomed and priviledged to be a part of this festival - so glad I could make it in person. Keep up the amazing work.

    November 2022
    Response from festival:

    Hi Terry. Thanks so much for your review here at ART&TUR International Tourism Film Festival. It was so good to be with you in person at this edition of the Festival. We wish you all the best for continuing the good work and we hope to see you again in the future. Keep on rocking with your wonderful festival. All the best from all the staff of ART&TUR team.

  • I am glad that with the film "Jordan" I received the award for 2nd place in the Adventure & Expedition category. It is an honor to be part of the festival and to meet all these wonderful people. Communication was excellent throughout the process. Thank you for the wonderful hospitality!

    November 2022
    Response from festival:

    Hi Pavle. Thanks so much for your participation at this edition of ART&TUR. We hope we can count with you in the future and that your participation can contribute to enhance the incredible quality of your work. All the best from all the team of ART&TUR and keep the good work