The "AREEL Shorts & Animation" is open to films of under 40 minutes with involvement of significant African creatives or African content.

The AREEL is an Annual International Cinema Award presented by Acheampong Magazine held in Kumasi, Ghana every March; to recognize, honor and celebrate filmmakers involved on projects with significant African Creatives or African Content, for their outstanding achievements.

Our maiden edition received over 57 entries, which was in line with our goal. From there we divided the entries in different categories, and on a quarterly basis we host a screening titled “AREEL Shorts & Animation” before our final screening and award, “The AREEL”

The AREEL Shorts and Animation is an independent platform for people to enjoy films, network and discover new talents. A percentage of the tickets sold is dedicated to supporting young talents kick start their careers in filmmaking.

Our ’Actors Studio’, was created to support young actors in developing and honing their craft. Each year selected young actors are given the opportunity to interact with and learn from top Casting Directors, Filmmakers, and industry executives.

The AREEL began in 2019 and we have to date been graced with breathtaking performances by casts including: Micheal Ward, Jasmine Jobson, Prince Agortey, Benjamin Sarpong, Anna Roser, Bless Fortune, Fiifi Neizer and so many others. We have also enjoyed outstanding visions of directors like, Anthony Nti, Tomisin Adepeju, Amartei Arma, Joseph Akwasi, Johannes Krug and Jumic Anderson.

The Award Statuette speaks both to the art of cinema and the name of the founder with the letter “A” part of his name intersected by a “film reel”. This beautiful piece produced by the Acheampong Studios Ltd. in Kumasi, Ghana is 12 inches, weighs over 10 pounds and is made out of iron and silver. The award cannot be reproduced nor used in any commercial manner unless prior permission has been obtained from the AREEL. The AREEL award is the property of Acheampong Studios Ltd. and Magazine, however, remains in the care of the recipient or his/her next of kin. Should the award leave the care of the recipient or his/her next of kin, AREEL reserves the right to have it back. The award must not be sold to any third party. Award winners unable to collect their AREEL on the night of the ceremony must arrange collection from the AREEL within 12 months of the ceremony.


The AREEL Film Committee decides on the preliminary list for the "AREEL Shorts & Animation”. Then, after viewing the eligible submissions, this member committee jury of Artists, Filmmakers and Executives pick the films for the next step. The final shortlisted films stand the chance to be nominated for the AREEL.
Every year, Acheampong Studios Ltd calls for film submission, the nominees are set into categories for the AREEL Awards, and the winners are revealed at the Annual AREEL Awards Ceremony. They subsequently receive an AREEL Award and a Winner’s Certificate.

The "AREEL Shorts & Animation” official selection is carefully made by our panel of expert jury and laurels given to the selected films. Furthermore, all selected films are promoted through our social media and website with a dedicated page with synopsis, film stills and trailer. To facilitate this process, we recommend that all projects be entered on Film Freeway, including film stills, production pictures, downloadable poster(s), and trailer(s).


Your hard work is not lost on us, and your project stands a chance of becoming a multi award winning film!

Your film will be considered in all the main categories, and all the selected films will compete for the “Audience Choice Award”. During our quarterly screening of AREEL Shorts & Animation, live audience will be given a chance to vote for their best short film and the winner will receive an AREEL Award.

-Best Short
-Best Animation Short
-Audience Choice
-Mmoroma Award
-Best Performing Act.
-Best Supporting Act.

Additionally, awards are given out to safeguard the Ghana film industry. It is our intention to encourage better representation and increased inclusivity across the Ghana Film Industry.
-AREEL Honorary Award
-AREEL Rising Star
-Best Actor of the year
-Best Actress of the year
-Best Picture

-The "AREEL Shorts & Animation" is open to films of under 40 minutes with involvement of significant African creatives or African content.
-Entry for the "AREEL Shorts & Animation” is via Film Freeway.
-There is no fee to enter; films may be submitted by companies or individuals with a direct association to the project and must be able to give the necessary permissions.
-The films are available on the AREEL’s viewing and voting site for members and jurors to view. By submitting a film, the filmmaker agrees that AREEL has the right to make the film available to AREEL members and jurors for voting purposes only.
-The festival relationship will exclusively be related to the film submitter.
- Films in any language other than English must be submitted with English subtitles.
- Broad is good: any genres, styles, topics ­ narrative, experimental, music videos, documentaries, animations are all welcome.
- Please note that your work may be screened at ANY of our future events, and it may take us some time before getting back to you. We thank you for your patience.
- Not all submissions are selected for the official competition. Our Judges are free to make their own choices and no explanation will be given for non-selected films.
- Final decision on eligibility rests with the AREEL Film Committee and its representatives.

Rest assured that we will keep all films, contact details and passwords confidential.

Let’s dare to make a difference in the African Film Industry. Let’s do it together!