ARCHIBA is a film festival looking for short films that explore the relationship of the individuals with the spaces they inhabit, the architecture and urban landscapes of the world and urban life.

Archiba's mission is to be a small mirror of life in contemporary societies, its rhythms, its pulses, how cities from all corners of the world look and feel, and thus generate a starting point for collective reflection.

The short films, documentaries, experimental and screendance films can be linked to different themes and formats, such as: biographies, documentaries, fictional stories, audiovisual self-portraits, portraits of the urban landscape, of architectural spaces, of social conflicts, diversity, LGBT+, migratory issues and other realities of life in community, ecological impact, self-sustainable development.

ARCHIBA's program will be screened at different venues around the world in 2022


- We encourage filmmakers to submit works up to 20 minutes in length.
- We will consider submission letters and director's statements.
- All fees will be used to cover administrative costs and are not refundable. Email us if this is a real impediment for your submission.
- By submitting, the participant declares to be responsible for any legal rights requirements releasing the festival from any legal claims, liabilities and damages.


- Animamos a los cineastas a presentar obras de hasta 20 minutos de duración.
- Consideraremos las cartas de presentación y las declaraciones del director.
- Todos los honorarios serán usados para cubrir los costos administrativos y no son reembolsables. Envíenos un correo electrónico si esto es un verdadero impedimento para su presentación.
- Al presentarse, el participante declara ser responsable de cualquier reclamo legal relacionado con su obra, liberando al festival de cualquier reclamo, responsabilidades y daños y perjuicios.