Welcome to one of the Most Popular and Best Reviewed Film Festivals in the world with high attendance annual physical screenings !

AIMAFF is a monthly film festival. Every month a film wins the award of the current month. At the end of the year, the 12 monthly winners compete for the annual award of BEST FILM OF THE YEAR.

BY CREATORS FOR CREATORS | AIMAFF is synonymous to independent filmmaking as it is created by talented individuals that have a long run in audiovisual professions and festivals !

AIMAFF has a monthly format to showcase and award more films in a shorter amount of time, leading to immediate award and selection notifications. Each month different creators submit their films.


Films from the Festival de Cannes, Sundance Film Festival, Tribeca Film Festival, Drama International Short Film Festival and the Academy Awards have submitted to our festival.

Every month from the 1st until the 31st of the calendar our submissions are open, the first days of the next month our special jury selects the WINNERS and the HONORABLE MENTIONS of the previous month.

Our closed Jury selects the winners of every category each month, the results are announced on our official website and social media.

Winners of each month are heavily promoted throughout our social media and website with trailer posts, photos from the film, directors & producers promotion and custom specialized wreath.

The winners of the BEST SHORT FILM category qualify to the award screening event in Athens, Greece and compete for a unique TROPHY, branded gifts and the FILM OF THE YEAR AWARD.

The 12 WINNERS of each category qualify to their own final competitions where all the Performance, Technical, and Script categories will be featured on our social media and have their own individual announcement. All the winners receive gifts and their own unique TROPHY.

Additionally there are Special Jury such as Most Creative Storytelling, Most Unique Vision, Best Atmosphere, Best Debut, Most Outstanding Performance and Most Technically Excellent Film. The winner of these Special Jury does not qualify for the annual event.

Honorable Mentions are given to the Top 3 projects of every category. Honorable Mentions do not qualify to the annual event.

A project that finishes as Finalist means that they finished in the Top 10 of their category. Finalists do not qualify to the annual event.

Greek subtitles will be added from AIMAFF and our partnered studios to the selected films.


1) Films produced from 2019 onwards are eligible for the festival.

2) Non-English or Non-Greek language films must include English subtitles.

3) Submissions from around the world are welcome.

4) If your film wins an award, you agree to feature it in our monthly trailer.

5) Monthly winners in the "Best Short Film" category qualify for the final screening event in Athens, Greece.

6) By submitting your work, you grant AIMAFF the right to use still frames from your film for promotional purposes.

7) Submission does not guarantee festival acceptance or screening. Submission fees are nonrefundable. AIMAFF reserves the right to modify its programming without prior notice.

8) AIMAFF, its vendors, employees, contractors, or affiliates are not responsible for losses related to travel expenses, attendance costs, or any expenses associated with attending the festival. This includes changes in programming, such as alterations in venue, dates, or times.

Overall Rating
  • Thank you for selecting 3D animated film "ATLANTIS1" as Honorable Mention! I enjoyed Athens International Monthly Art Film Festival. Much appreciation to Athens from Japan!

    April 2024
  • Milo Tucker

    Brilliant and great communication! Thanks for having me.

    March 2024
  • Bruna Velden

    I am honored by the participation and award in this festival! The entire team deeply appreciates it!

    March 2024
  • A great festival experience!. Thank you for selecting and awarding my work!

    March 2024
  • Malgorzata Saniewska

    We extend our heartfelt gratitude for recognizing our film. We are truly grateful for the honorable mention. Thank you for acknowledging our work and including us in your event.

    March 2024