The Albuquerque Film & Music Experience (AFMX) has hosted an average of 10,000 attendees each year and presents a fusion of film, music, Center Stage Conversations, master classes, and special events that create a unique and intimate experience for everyone in attendance.

The Albuquerque Film & Music Experience is presented by the AFME Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

Our Mission:
AFMX brings together award-winning and up-and-coming filmmakers and musicians to showcase and celebrate film and music, and provide a platform for education, collaboration, discovery and the sharing of stories.

Our Vision:
To enhance cultural richness by integrating film and music programs that provide entertainment and education for the community, contribute to the creative economy and support Albuquerque as an epicenter for film, music and the arts.

AFMX is very selective with films that have the highest production quality and value when it comes to cinematography, sound, music, editing, lighting, acting, and all of the other details that go into making a great film. We look forward to reviewing your project, and thank you for submitting.

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Unique Native American pottery awards, budgeting and producing software packages and certificates are presented for the following categories at the Closing Awards Ceremony:

Robert & Sibylle Redford Award for Creative Achievement
AFMX Impact Award
AFMX Music Award
Best Narrative Feature
Best Narrative Short
Best Documentary Feature
Best Documentary Short
Best Native/Indigenous Film
Best Student Film - Narrative or Short
Best Animated Film - Narrative or Short
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Director Narrative Feature
Best Director Documentary Feature
Best Director Narrative Short
Best Director Documentary Short
Best Music Video
Best New Mexico Film - Narrative or Short
Best Cinematography
Best Music Score

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By submitting to the Albuquerque Film & Music Experience, filmmakers understand the terms and conditions and have read the below guidelines. Films already in distribution or on public platforms such as Vimeo or YouTube are welcome to submit, but will not be considered for awards.

The following will apply IF your film is selected:

1. The film will be screened during the Albuquerque Film & Music Experience and will be eligible to win a filmmaker award under the categories you submit your film.

2. The exhibition copy of the film will be emailed to AFMX either as a downloadable, non-password protected electronic file (mp4 preferred) or via Vimeo, Dropbox, WeTransfer, or Google Drive. DCPs are accepted by thumb drive or hard drive via shipment to AFMX. ALL films must be received no later than Monday, July 17, 2023.


3. Any use of the film outside of our screening team MUST be approved by the filmmaker. This may include a private screening for the press to write a story on the film.

4. A sample clip of the film or trailer may be promoted via the Albuquerque Film & Music Experience website, ticketing site utilized by AFMX, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, or any other social media site with respect to promoting AFMX and the screening of the film.

5. You permit AFMX to use your name and stills from the film submitted on FilmFreeway (at least one print-quality and one web version provided upon request) for all promotional purposes.

The following will apply for all movie submissions:

1. AFMX retains the right to archive the submitted file or copy of the film in physical and/or digital format solely for historical and research purposes, and will not publicly screen it without your permission. All submissions should be downloaded to FilmFreeway for easy access to the entire AFMX screening committee.

2. AFMX will conduct private screening sessions with its screening team to review submissions, which may include the film.

3. AFMX will not return any thumb drives, hard drives or discs received unless filmmaker requests and pays for shipping. Filmmakers are responsible to supply a prepaid, self addressed envelope or packaging to AFMX that should be sent with original shipment of exhibition copy if a physical copy is sent.

4. AFMX does not provide refunds on submission fees.

5. All entries must have a production date of 2021.

1. All entries must be submitted online through Film Freeway.
2. You must complete a separate submission if submitting more than one film. Entry fees are per film entered and must be paid and confirmed on FilmFreeway. Please contact AFMX if you need to re-submit your project for any reason.
3. All filmmakers with selected projects will be notified regarding acceptance by Monday, June 24, 2023 by the email address provided at the time of submission.
4. If uploading a Digital Press Kit, the following information is requested:
• Production Stills
• Director(s) – Name, Bio and Photo/Headshot
• Screenwriter(s) – Name, Bio and Photo/Headshot
• Producer(s) – Name, Bio and Photo/Headshot
• Cast Member(s) - Name
• Cinematographer(s) - Name
• Editor(s)- Name
• Sound Design(s) - Name
• Composer(s) - Name
• Primary contact for film: name, email and phone
5. Trailer links must be a Vimeo or YouTube link with NO password.
6. We highly suggested that all filmmakers whose work is submitted and accepted into the Albuquerque Film & Music Experience prepare to represent their film in the festival.

Overall Rating
  • Colin Alistair Campbell

    AFMX is a truly fantastic film festival, and was a joy to attend in-person. It manages to be expansive - almost a full week chock-full of screenings, talk-backs, and events, all of them well-attended - and intimate at the same time. Ivan, Kira, and their large team roll out the literal red carpet, making each filmmaker feel part of the AFMX family, regardless of whether they're coming with a short (as I was) or a feature. Beautiful theater venues for the screenings, and some of the best networking events I've attended at any festival. Lots of opportunities to mingle with fellow filmmakers. So many talented people here, and everyone was so darn nice! I can't wait to submit another film for consideration this year.

    January 2023
  • A wonderful festival, taking great care of filmmakers and their films. We were truly thrilled to have been included in this year's program.

    December 2022
  • Great communication from the team, hope to attend in the future.

    December 2022
  • Sylvia Caminer

    This is a really special festival truly from the heart! Ivan, Kira and the entire team are so fabulous and work tirelessly to bring an incredible experience for everyone who attends!!! I've had the great luck to have several films screen here and I always look forward to attending! Highly recommend this one!

    November 2022
  • Mike Freze

    Truly one of the most amazing film festival experiences you will ever have! The name "experience" is in the festival name for a reason! You will get more film industry networking done here than any single event in Los Angeles and Albuquerque is one of the reasons New Mexico is the land of enchantment. There is a massive film industry in ABQ and it will soon double as Netflix just built a studio there and major productions are happening. The festival director, Ivan Wiener spends time with the filmmakers during the festival and the communication and hospitality of the AFMX team are off the charts! 2022 was their first year back in full after 2020, so they are still working out some things. They don't accept DCPs, so the quality of the screenings are not the highest, but the theaters are great and the facilities they use more than make up for it! Don't miss out on AFMX!

    October 2022
    Response from festival:

    Mike. You and Linda are a true pleasure to have as part of the AFMX family. Know that we are going to accept DCP's next year. Looking forward to spending time in LA in December! Ivan