The A.C.T.S. film and music festival is a showcase established to highlight the artisitc expressions of the Kingdom (of God) Creatives. Anointed Christians Telling Stories (A.C.T.S.) provides an avenue to deliever Jesus-centered content to audiences seeking entertainment that inspires a greater boldness in Christ.

Our one-day event, on Sept 3rd 2023, in Winnetka, CA includes: 2 live musicial performances, 5 short films, a CHH DJ hosted by a Christian comedian.

May 1st through August 14th, 2023, we are collecting submissions to fill 5 spots. The selected films will be shown during our festival, and the audience will choose the final winner.

At the culmination of the film showcase, the audience will vote on the winner. The winner will receive a monetary prize, Kingdom Live apparel, an interview on The Shinin' Live Podcast, and more to be announced.

Technical Guidelines:

Your submission’s total runtime (TRT) must NOT exceed 15 mins.

We strongly recommend that you triple check your audio levels and that your audio is NOT limited to one channel (ie: right or left).

Main dialogue must be in English.

When uploading your submission, you must use the following file naming conventions:


Examples: / JohnDoe_MyMovie.mp4

We will only except the file formats listed: .MP4 or .MOV

Do not submit films in 4K. Please submit your film in 1080 HD resolution. Any film files that are larger than 2GBs will not be accepted.

You can submit a YOUTUBE link for the selection process, but if chosen a MP4 or MOV file is required

Films that are accepted into the festival will be screened in 16:9 aspect ratio. If your film is submitted in a different ratio, your film will be letterboxed to display on the 16:9 screen.

Content Guidelines:

Theme: The Kingdom Live. (A Real God in our Real Life) Imagine, you are broadcasting live from your (or someone's life) describing a situation and your interaction with God.

All music, images, titles, footage and other copyrighted material used in your submission MUST be properly licensed. You must have permission and/or the proper rights to all content submitted.

There are various resources that offer royalty free music and images. We strongly encourage you to use original music or music from our library.