The My Music Block TV Awards (MMBTVA) celebrate 6 years of excellence, honoring
the most exceptional artists across all genres and fine arts, including writers, actors, digital media
creators, and leaders in the community. Our goal is to give underrated talent and unsung heroes
the recognition they deserve, showcasing artists who have been "pounding the pavement."
Submissions are currently open to all artists, all ages, and all performers.
Previous winners, including Alea More, Samantha Leavell, Dick James, Diamond, Ese
Dreemer, and Lindsey G, represent the finest talent across the entertainment industry. Don't miss
this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get rewarded for your artistry! Remember our signature
quote from Thomas Aquinas, "To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without
faith, no explanation is possible." Join us and believe in your talent!
August 27th at NIle hall will be a night to remember

All artists are judged at their own skill level and media of art. We believe artists are unique regardless of genre or media.
Certificates are given at our annual nominations event.
The award is custom made.
Once in a lifetime event

we require your desire to win dedication to your art and proper etiquette as you will be meeting a lot of people via telephone Zoom and in person.
A dedication to your craft and career should shine through with your professionalism
Artists must do their best to attend the August 27th event
we will not accept gratuitous art forms of any kind.
Artists cannot drop out once nominated due to time and effort our A&R's put into each artist.
There are no restrictions on release dates for first time artists
We do not judge soley based on sales or popularity here at MMB we honor under rated talent
Artist must attend to have a hand signed nomination certificate at our annual nominations event.