The City of Richmond Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Facilities Cultural Arts Division hosted the fifth annual 60 Second Short Film Fest on May 11. Out of 590 films submitted, 33 were selected. Topics included social justice, climate change, human rights, and adventure.

It’s been a half decade now since we started showing shorts from around the world and each year is a new journey to find the top 33 films. This year many films leaned to the abstract and somber, yet thankfully the quirky and humorous animated films that celebrate life always manage to surface. We can now recognize some of the regular submitters by their style and content. Speaking of recognition, this year we introduced the Audience Choice Award.

Filmmakers gave one minute thank you speeches or sent a letter of thanks.

Below is a list of the films that were screened, followed by the winners.

* Denotes Finalist

** 60 Second Short Film Fest Winners

*** Audience Choice Award

**** Director's Choice Award


1. The Pop Up (Animation)
Director: Christian Marshall
United States
A student loses control of their computer due to popup ads.

2. Unearthly Exploration (Animation) *
Director: Miles John Pastoria
United States
An alien ship comes and visits what seems to be a familiar terrestrial planet.

3. Space Oddities (Animation) **
Directors: Tee Nabi, Ian Frye, Cyrus Jackson
Charlottesville, VA
A boy travels into the clouds, space, and then returns. "Space Oddities" was a middle school project though Light House Studio's Summer Film Academy.

4. Lonely (Live Action) *
Directors: Levi Hofman, Charlotte Trimble, Jackson Frisbee, Noah Tison, Calum Casey
Charlottesville, VA
A boy loses a friend and makes the journey without her. "Lonely" was filmed and edited in one day as part of a workshop called 60-Second Shorts through Lighthouse Studios.

5. Doom-Scalator (Live Action) **
Director: William Manning
Impending doom can only be thwarted by finishing a sandwich.


6. Dinner Plan ( Live Action) *
Director: Pedro Solis
Alejandro makes dinner plans in modern times.

7. Now or Never (Live Action)
Director: Federico Bezenzette
An incoming call, but there is a challenge: untangle the headphones.

8. encontro neonm (Live Action) *
Director: Samuel Carvázan
In the neon light, a couple lives together, but something exists between them: an empty space.

9. Leap (Animation) *
Director: Mikołaj Mirzewski
A bungee jump to face the greatest fear.

10. Titan's Palm (Animation)
Director: Pieter Maertens
A traveler is swallowed by the earth that once held life.

11. Graffitude (Animation) **
Director: Mylène Thisdale
A young troublemaker surprises the neighborhoods’ old baker.

12. There was once a Cookie
Director: Abtin Sharifi
Islamic Republic of Iran
A cookie takes a dive.

13. M. (Animation)
Director: Kino Jin
United States
In the vast desert, a solitary mountain begrudgingly receives a seed seeking refuge.

14. Just Me and My Mirror (Documentary) *
Director: Sokaina Machkour
A young woman prepares to go out for an evening.

15. Out of The Lines (Documentary) **
Director: Sajjad Aslani
Islamic Republic of Iran
A stroll through a traditional neighborhood in Tehran.

16. Around (Environmental) *
Directors: Bebete Viégas and Guga Lemes
A house was built in a deforested area and after planting 10,000 trees, it is an oasis.

17. Nalubale (Environmental) *
Director: Nickson Kamau
Nalubale(Lake Victoria) is the largest fresh water lake in Africa, but it is currently under trouble due to the world's excess carbon dioxide and pollution, leaving it's habitants and beneficiaries in danger.

18. Nuclear Shadows (Live Action) *
Director: Sofia Kapilevich
Russian Federation
In 2022 there was a serious threat of nuclear war from Russia. This film is in response to the fear that was generated.

19. Softly, flows (Animation) *
Director: Simone Massi
The black, the white and a small red spot that suddenly rise up.

20. Autumn, Live Action
Director: Jean-Marie Villeneuve
A little girl is thinking about her dad.

21. The Uninvited (Live Action)
Director: Patrick Vincent Benedict
United States
A surprise guest causes a lot of anxiety.

22. Self Portrait (Live Action)
Director: Juliana Ianniccillo
Lists. They save and they drown. Checking things in order to survive.

23. 60 Second Hamlet (Live Action) **
Director: Daniel Widdowson
Shakespeare's Hamlet in under a minute.

24. Open Line (Documentary) ****
Directors: David Osaodion Odiase, Femi Oyedokun
A young man places a phone call to the souls of his ancestors trapped in a foreign Museum.

25. La Muerte (Environmental)
Directors: Felipe Reutter, Juan Carlos Montagna
"La Muerte" is a story that delves into the urgent ecological, social, and mental crisis facing our world.

26. Ichthus (Documentary) *
Director: Vyacheslav (Slavik) Bihun
"Ichthus" is a metaphor for human life inspired by observation on fish, whose sign is an symbol of health and faith.

27. Transformation (Animation) *
Director: Svetlana Korotkova
Russian Federation
Everything flows and changes. One moment you are crying an ocean, next moment you are swimming like a mermaid. And finally, the sun. So feel free to cry and transform.

28. Big Swing (Animation) *
Director Elisa Petersen
United States
The swing of a lifetime. Follow this golfers journey.

29. Arrivee des trains au 21eme siecle (Japon) (Experimental)
Director: Akari Sōma
It is a grave marker for "Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat" and an indicator for the next era.

30. Walkers (Animation)
Director: Santiago Colombo Migliorero
‘Walkers’ is an animation project about a stay in Maison des Auteurs and BilbaoArte Fundazioa as an artist in residence at Irudika.

31. Remediate (Environmental)
Director: Kevin Lucero Less
United States
Paper or Plastic? It's not too late to remediate.

32. Oyo in the Forest (Environmental) ***
Director: Omid Razavi
Iran, Islamic Republic of
A creature confronts pollution with a solution.

33. Return (Environmental) **
Director: Annie Prafcke
United States
An anxious, stressed woman uses meditation and the serenity of nature to return to peace.


Youth Animation:
Space Oddities
Directors: Tee Nabi, Ian Frye, Cyrus Jackson
Charlottesville, VA

Youth Live Action:
Dooms Scalator
Director: William Manning

Adult Live Action:
60 Second Hamlet
Director: Daniel Widdowson

Adult Documentary/Personal Narrative:
Out of the Lines
Director: Sajjad Aslani
Islamic Republic of Iran

Adult Animation:
Director: Mylene Thisdale

Best Environmental:
Director: Annie Prafcke
United States

Audience Choice Award
Oyo in the Forest
Director: Omid Razavi
Islamic Republic of Iran

Director's Choice Award
Open Line (Documentary)
Directors: David Osaodion Odiase, Femi Oyedokun


Kat Vivaldi (she/they) is a returning jurist for our film fest who is an artist/filmmaker/creative technologist whose projects range from film, installation, sound, to performance. Her video art works have been exhibited in galleries such as the CON-TEMPORARY Art Observatorium in Italy and the Maryland Hall for the Maryland Federation of Arts. Kat has screened for the New Orleans Film Festival for several years, within the categories of feature length documentary, short documentary, and experiential shorts. She has also been involved with several independent film projects including an Emmy award winning PBS feature documentary titled HEARD. In addition to credits on features for BET+, Lifetime, Nat Geo, and HBO.

Max Gilmore: is a filmmaker and 3D artist based out of Richmond, VA. With a background in film editing and animation, Max has developed 3D motion graphics for a variety of clients and companies including CoStar Group and When he isn't working on his own animations, he also coordinates stunt choreography for local film and theater productions.

Culture Roots Co-op Home School High School English Literature Class
The Cultural Roots Home School Cooperative seeks to provide a culturally centered and liberated educational space for families. They intentionally center the cultural attributes, traditions, and histories of Black and Brown communities. Some of their students who judged the animation and live action category for youth have taken film classes through the City of Richmond’s Cultural Arts Department and produced award winning films.

Special Thanks To:

Diane Hayes for supporting the earth through the greening of Pine Camp and this film fest.

Matt Buckner for assembling this film fest for the past five years.


Awards are given for Best Adult Live Action-Narrative, Documentary, Animation, and Best Environmental Film. Youth awards are given for Best Animation and Best Live Action. An Audience Choice Award and the Director's Choice Award are also awarded.

1. All films must be 60 seconds or less, but no more, this includes title and credits.
2. Films must have a FilmFreeway, Youtube or Vimeo screener.
3. The Sixty Seconds Short Film Fest is open to all.
4. All foreign language entries must have English subtitles.
5. You may submit as many films as you can make, but each must be entered separately.
6. The best films selected will be shown at the free festival on Saturday, May 11, 2024 at 7 p.m. at Pine Camp Cultural Arts and Community Center or online.
7. No unauthorized use of copyrighted material.
8. There are two categories for entrants, Youth: 17 and under, Adult: 18 and over.
9. Sixty Second Short Film Fest will reserve the right to refuse any entry at its own discretion. Submitted material must be suitable for families and not contain obscene, unlawful or objectionable material. Content created to promote any product or service will not be accepted.
10. Contributors must be the sole author(s) of the entry and have all permissions secured and the rights to publicly screen the film.
11. By entering, you are granting us the permission to show your film if selected and use parts of your film for promotional purposes and to screen online.
12. Films must be available to download for the festival or available on a playable form of media such as DVD or a thumb drive.
13. All films submitted must be exactly the same as the screener for the festival unless arrangements are made with the 60 Second Short Film Fest.
13. Submit your film by January 1, 2024 by 11:59 p.m.
14. All entries from participants under 18 must have a parent or guardian’s approval.

Overall Rating
  • It is a beautiful proposal. Having been selected among 33 short films from around the world is an honor.
    Congratulations and keep creating!

    May 2024
  • Great communication. Good idea to screen all these one minute films in a nice place. Hope to be there next time !

    May 2024
  • Kevin Lucero Less

    Excellent! Thank you so very much 60 Second Short for selecting my film "Remediate" into your amazing festival. I highly recommended this event for all filmmakers. Cheers!

    May 2024
  • Vyacheslav (Slavik) Bihun

    Excellent Festival! I have to admit that I'm a bit prejudiced (as my film was awarded), but my experience with the Festival was all the way positive in all aspects (I could not attend it in person, though, because of the war in Ukraine). I hope that it will become an establish tradition many more filmmakers can appreciate with time. Many thanks to the organizers and the team!

    May 2023
  • Very glad to be part of this competition with my last experimental short “To Mahsa”

    May 2023