The City of Richmond Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Facilities Cultural Arts Division and the Enrichmond Foundation hosted the third annual 60 Second Short Film Fest on May 14.

Out of 588 films submitted, 33 were selected from around the world. Themes varied from celebrating life to empowerment. Topics included confronting social injustices, and looking closely at climate change, development, pollution, and an over appropriated river.

Filmmakers gave one minute thank you speeches or sent a letter of thanks. For the first time, there was a dialogue with the audience after the event. People shared their favorites and ideas for next year's festival.

Below are the 33 Films that were screened.

Youth Category
1. The Missing Piece
Director: Veronica Crown
When a girl is putting together a puzzle, she is surprised to find one of the pieces missing, and the cat looks suspicious.

2. Daydream
Director: Tamara Bućan
A girl lost in her life is missing the magic to enrich her existence.

3. To accept myself
Director: Tatyana Tyo
Sometimes we have to make a choice - either to live with our "invented" friends - or "open the door" for real friends.

4. Wutta Bottal
Directors: Peri Stevens, Luca Ball, Arrian Fonesca, Ben Clark
United States
One bottle. One chance. The dare of a lifetime.

5. The Delivery
Director: Byron Stanley Windham Edwards
United Kingdom
A cloned delivery driver attempts to deliver a package.

6. Connection Secured!
Director: Baran Akhavan
Will the computer chips ban together and save the internet before it's too late?

7. Not in My Backyard
Director: Shannon Germaine
This is a challenge to reframe the way we think about our planet, our land, our oceans, our air, and our backyard.

Adult Category
8. That's why I like faxing...
Director: Nicolaas De Groof
A pragmatic character shares his personal beliefs on technology.

9. Moo Landing
Directors: Dylan M Overway, Grace Freeman
United States
A cow takes a journey to the moon.

10. Where do they come from? (And where do they go?) - Umbrella Car
Director: Christen Bach
The Hippo is out and about in his umbrella car.

11. Cactuss
Director: Mariana Klyver
A balloon breaks the peace of the desert.

12. Tree with White Blossoms
Director: Roy Maltby
A tree catches the attention of passers-by in a city park.

13. Sharing on the table
Directors: Su Hyeon Kim, Dong Yeop Kang, Taeyong Kim
Republic of Korea, (South Korea)
A mother and a daughter are preparing a meal in a pile of trash when an unexpected guest arrives.

14. Aeternus
Director: Vyacheslav (Slavik) Bihun
A short film about the harmony of a river flowing in and over a mountain.

15. Thirst
Director: Asghar Besharati
Islamic Republic of Iran
A women makes a trip to the local well.

16. The Silence of Isfahan
Director: ATA Kadimi
Islamic Republic of Iran
An artistic statement about the people who are suppressed, yet continue to protest the drying up of the Zayandeh Rood River in Iran.

17. Present for Future
Director: Shamir Raiapov
A child’s journey through the forest.

18. Beautiful Mountains
Director: Thyshaant Bruno
A poetic short dedicated to beautiful mountains.

19. last match
Director: Mohammad Reza Hashemi Nasab
Islamic Republic of Iran
An extra match creates extra friction.

20. Karma3
Director: Masha Rumiantseva
Russian Federation
A story about a harmful monster with unexpected retaliation.

21. Left or Right Brain
Director: Pramod Saahoo
Too much thinking will crush the creative process.

22. Shot Dead for Development
Director Surya Shankar Dash
An animated short, depicting the indigenous people's life in the Indian state of Odisha, and the subsequent anti-mining struggles.

23. IDEA
Director: Ebba Jahn
A short story about a trombone.

24. My life in Motion
Director: Joao Inacio Neto
When I was a kid, Professor José handed me a slide projector and suggested I go home and make movies; and that has made all the difference.

25. Need Gas!
Director: Anatoly Vaisman
United States
Is it real or fantasy?

26. Very Fanny
Director: Aditya Prakash
A man sleeps until he is provoked by his beloved table fan.

27. After you
Director: Lionel Nakache
Sometimes it only takes a short moment in an elevator to learn respect.

28. Tunnel Effect
Director: Teresa Marcos Blanco
Two women drive the ashes of a loved one down to the seaside. Arguably, they should have clung to silence, particularly when entering that tunnel.

29. Bukhara_6:0
Director: Aleksandr Barkovski
On the street, a soccer game is all or nothing.

30. Juggler
Director: Ludovico Maria Okubo Nitoglia
A juggler works the streets of greater São Paulo.

31. Pared con pared (Paper-thin walls)
Director: Ignacio Rodó
Two neighbors meet in the elevator.

Directors: Swann Chesnel, Yoann Chesnel
Ladies and gentlemen, please fasten your seat belts as we take a roller coaster ride through the beautiful city of Porto!

33. The red thread
Director: Vanessa Cardu
A red thread is walking through the city of Berlin and leaves traces of art on the buildings.

60 Second Short Film Fest Winners and Finalists 2022

Youth Animation:
• "To accept myself"**
"Connection Secured!" (Mansfield State High School)

Youth Live Action:
• "Not in My Backyard"**
"The Missing Piece" (Mansfield State High School)
"Wutta Bottal" Charlottesville, Virginia

Adult Live Action:
• "After You"**
"Sharing the Table"
"Pared con pared {Paper-thin walls}"

Adult Documentary:
• "Aternus"**
"My Life in Motion"
"Tree with White Blossoms"

Adult Animation:
• “Karma3"**
“The Silence of Isfahan”

Best Environmental:
• "Sharing on the Table"**
“The Silence of Isfahan”

** Denotes Winner

2022 Film Jurist for Youth and Adult Categories:

Kat Vivaldi (she/they) is an artist/filmmaker/creative technologist whose projects range from film, installation, sound, to performance. Her video art works have been exhibited in galleries such as the CON-TEMPORARY Art Observatorium in Italy and the Maryland Hall for the Maryland Federation of Arts. Kat has screened for the New Orleans Film Festival for several years, within the categories of feature length documentary, short documentary, and experiential shorts, along with participating in a Fellowship program with Richmond International Film Festival. She has also been involved with several independent film projects including an Emmy award winning PBS feature documentary titled HEARD. In addition to credits on features for BET+, Lifetime, and HBO.


Awards were given for Best Adult and Youth for each category, Live Action-Narrative, Documentary, Animation, and Best Environmental Film.

1. All films must be 60 seconds or less, but no more, this includes title and credits.
2. Films must have a FilmFreeway, Youtube or Vimeo screener.
3. The Sixty Seconds Short Film Fest is open to all.
4. All foreign language entries must have English subtitles.
5. You may submit as many films as you can make, but each must be entered separately.
6. The best films selected will be shown at the free festival on Saturday, May 14 at 7 p.m. at Pine Camp Cultural Arts and Community Center or online.
7. No unauthorized use of copyrighted material.
8. There are two categories for entrants, Youth: 17 and under, Adult: 18 and over.
9. Sixty Second Short Film Fest will reserve the right to refuse any entry at its own discretion. Submitted material must be suitable for families and not contain obscene, unlawful or objectionable material. Content created to promote any product or service will not be accepted.
10. Contributors must be the sole author(s) of the entry and have all permissions secured and the rights to publicly screen the film.
11. By entering, you are granting us the permission to show your film if selected and use parts of your film for promotional purposes and to screen online.
12. Films must be available to download for the festival or available on a playable form of media such as DVD or a thumb drive.
13. Submit your film by Saturday, January 1, 2023 by 11:59 p.m.
14. All entries from participants under 18 must have a parent or guardian’s approval.

Overall Rating
  • Surya Shankar Dash

    Thank you for including my humble submission and the encouraging review of the film. Wish I was there. Love from India.

    June 2022
  • I could not be there (from Germany) but now the published short list shows a truly international program, I like that! Thanks for showing IDEA and the prompt communication to festival organizer Will George!

    May 2022
  • Maggie Ding

    Really enjoyed the festival. Very well organized and excellent communications. I was super proud and grateful to receive an award. Thank you.

    May 2021
  • Marcos Altuve

    Very happy that our short film "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" had been selected. 60 Second Short Film Fest is a Good Festival. Congratulations!

    May 2021
  • HAUI aka Howard J Davis

    Great Festival. Thank you for including our film.

    March 2020