Filmmakers have 50 days to complete a 5-10 minute short film. At Registration you choose 50% of your genre, so if you like Comedy, then make a Comedy, if you like Horror, then go with that and now you can start writing immediately!

At Kick-off you will receive the other 50% of your genre randomly selected from the same list. Then the clock starts ticking. You have 50 days to create your film, a trailer, and a poster and some marketing materials.

Trophies for 12 Technical Awards; Picture, Directing, Acting, Cinematography, Editing, Screenwriting, Sound Design, Costume Design, Special Effects, Music, and Production Design

Simple really: 50 days of production to make a 5-10 minute film.

1- Register and choose 50% of your genre
2- Kick-off, Start the Clock and get the randomly chosen other 50% of genre
3- Production Check-points
4- Drop-off and Turn-In
5- Buying Tickets to the Premiere