4SCENE Film Festival is a platform for filmmakers and artists to have their work seen & experienced by their community. With so much content being created, posted, and recycled every day, it's hard for filmmakers and content creators to find the right audience that truly wants to connect with their work. Unfortunately, for digital media artists, social media is the main place where a lot of us share our work. So, we created a way to get the stories and content of local professionals in our city in front of the Indianapolis community; giving them a platform for their work to be seen & experienced, on the big screen, in the way they designed.

Thanks to our sponsors at Roberts Camera, a very reputable gear house in Indianapolis, we've awarded several filmmakers with new equipment such as:

Aputure MC LEDs
SanDisk 128GB Cards

In the years to come, we expect the list, as well as the type of gear and accessories Roberts' provides us, to grow.

Submissions must be 25 minutes or less in length.

Films must meet our standards in order to be screened to our audience. We accept films of all ratings, as long as their contents are respectful to its viewers, and tasteful to the craft.

The festival is based in Indianapolis, and we do primarily focus on local filmmakers of our city, however, we accept submissions from filmmakers all over the country and internationally.

If participants are not the official creator of the film, they must be involved, in some capacity, in the production of the films that are submitted to be qualified (ex: Executive Producer, Director of Photography, etc.)

If a participant has entered their film to one of our events, and they'd like us to screen it again, they must wait until the next calendar season of the festival to submit the film.