Short, very short and making of's
The 3in1 Film Fest is dedicated to short films and making of's. Short films can be up to 30 minutes (documentary, animation and fiction films), very short films up to 4 minutes long, School films and Making of's can be up to 30 minutes.

Documentary films award
Short fiction films award
Short animation films award
Very short fiction films award
Making of's award
School films award
Director award
Fernando Costa/Cinemate Award for best portuguese short film

Rules & Terms
5th Edition

1. Introduction
The “3in1 Film Fest – shorts, very shorts & making of”, is organized by Associação Alentejo e Ribatejo Film Commission (ARFC) with the support of Almeirim City Council.
The festival is aimed at short films, dividing them into 6 categories: very short fiction (up to 4'); fiction shorts up to 30’; short documentaries up to 30’; animation up to 30’; making of up to 30 minutes; and school shorts up to 30’.
The “3in1 Film Fest” will take place at Cine Teatro de Almeirim, on the 24th, 25th and 26th of November 2023, with the following objectives: to promote the dissemination of short films and making of, enhancing and promoting new values in cinema; promote Ribatejo as a filming location; promote the exchange of experiences between national and international participants in the festival; promote Almeirim; strengthen regional community ties, promoting integration into a national identity open to the international community; offer a quality alternative cultural initiative;
2.Conditions of admission
2.1. Short films of up to 30', very short films of up to 4' and making of of up to 30' produced after January 2022, which have not been shown on television or commercial circuits, even if available on the Web, are admitted to the competition; film submissions do not discriminate against themes, genders, ethnicities, religions.
2.2. Candidate films must be submitted through the FilmFreeway platform, in one of the following categories: fiction shorts, documentary shorts, very short fiction, animation shorts, making of and school shorts; registrations must take place between April 3rd and September 15th, and there will be a free registration period (earlybird deadline) between April 3rd and April 16th; between April 17th and August 25th the regular registration fee will apply (regular deadline), and between August 26th and 15th the late registration fee will apply (late deadline).
2.3.Applicants must attach the requested materials when applying.
3. Registration
3.1.Each author can submit more than one film, in the same or different categories. The same film cannot be submitted in more than one category.
3.2.The regular registration (regular deadline) will have a fee of €10 for very short films, €12.50 for short films and making of and €6 for school short films.
3.3. Late registration (late deadline) will incur a fee of €15 for very short films, €17.50 for short films and making of and €10 for school short films.
3.4.Films and materials sent to “3in1 Film Fest” will not be returned and will form part of the festival's archive.
3.5.The organization is not responsible for spelling errors or wrong information that is included in the application. The titles and names of the directors used in the promotional materials will be the same as those indicated to us in the application.
3.6.The registration, through FilmFreeway, implies the authorization for the exhibition of the film in public presentations during the festival.
3.7.The Festival's Selection Committee selects the works in competition and informs competitors of its decision by September 16th.
3.8.The organization is not obliged to communicate the reason/reasons for not selecting a film in the competition.
3.9.The films selected for the contest will be viewed and classified by the Jury, until the 20th of October.
3.10.Among the classified films there will be an Official Selection of films to be shown at the festival. This is the Official Selection, which will be communicated to the competitors until the 24th of October.
3.11. From among the films in the Official Selection, the Jury will nominate the 5 (five) best films per category, which will be the nominated films for the award (Nominated).
3.12.Among the films Nominated by category, prizes will be awarded to the top 3 classified, by category.
3.13.The “3in1 Film Fest” is not obliged to pay screening fees, and applicants acknowledge this when submitting their application.
3.14. The organization of the festival may change the film that has been submitted in one category to another that is more favorable to it (namely animation, very short, making of).
4.Display Formats
4.1. Screening copies must be sent by October 30, 2023. The festival accepts the following formats for screening: MP4 H264 or MOV, 1080p.
4.2. Non-English language exhibition copies must have embedded English subtitles.
4.3.All directors of selected films will be entitled to two accreditations with full access to the festival.
3.4.The organization does not offer support or reimbursement for travel, accommodation and food to any member of the technical or artistic team of the selected films. Applicants acknowledge this situation upon submission.
5. Prizes
5.1. A first, second and third prize will be awarded in each of the 6 categories:
• Fiction short
• Short Documentary
• Very short fiction
• Animation shorts
• Making of
• School shorts
• Best Portuguese film
5.2.A prize will be awarded to the film chosen by the festival director;
5.3.A prize will be awarded to the best Portuguese film (regardless of category);
5.4.The prizes consist of a trophy and a certificate delivered at the prize-giving session. In the event that no one from the team of a winning film is present to receive the award, it will be made available for a period of one year.
5.5.There will be a jury for each category. Each jury will consist of a panel of 3 to 5 individuals of recognized merit for their contribution to the development of cinema, culture or society in general.
5.6.The jury will not award ex-aequo prizes.
6.1.A copy of the selected films will form part of the Festival's collection, with the organization committing not to use them for commercial purposes, with the exception of promotional activities for the Festival.
7. Final provisions
7.1. All possible doubts and omissions in this regulation will be resolved by the organization according to rules of equity and common sense.
7.2. Enrollment in the “3in1 Film Fest” means full and unreserved acceptance of the terms of this regulation.

Overall Rating
  • José Pedro Lopes

    Francisco was very happy to be a part of the festival. Great organization!

    December 2022
    Response from festival:

    Obrigado pelo apoio. É o tipo de incentivo que nos motiva a continuar. Abraço

  • Muito grato pela seleção e participação em tão maravilhoso festival. muito obrigados, gracias.

    December 2021
  • francis manceau

    We are used to participating in the most prestigious film festivals such as Cannes and Henri Langlois in Paris, Venice and Toronto, We are very disappointed with this 3 in 1 Film Festival in Portugal, where our film was supposedly selected for this festival however was not even in the program. Despite my several phone calls we had absolutely no feedback. Very disappointed with the poor organization.

    December 2021
  • Despite being a new festival, the 3in1 Film Fest Festival, showed excellent organization and great professionalism in the closing session and the awards ceremony. Good movies and great support for the movie community.

    December 2021
  • Ótimo festival, nossa primeira participação em um festival português.

    December 2020