Short, very short and making of's
The 3in1 Film Fest is dedicated to short films and making of's. Short films can be up to 30 minutes (documentary, animation and fiction films) and very short films up to 4 minutes long. Making of's can be up to 30 minutes.

Documentary films award
Short fiction films award
Short animation films award
Very short fiction films award
Making of's award
Audience award

Rules & Terms
The "3in1 Film Fest - shorts, shorts & making of's" is organized by the Alentejo and Ribatejo Film Commission, Portugal.
The festival is aimed at short films, dividing them into 5 categories: very short fiction up to 4 '; short animation film up to 30'; fiction short films up to 30 '; short documentaries up to 30 '; and making of's up to 30 minutes.
The "3in1 Film Fest" will take place at the Cine-Teatro de Almeirim, on the 27th, 28th and 29th November 2020, with the following objectives: to promote the dissemination of short films and making of's; promote new values in cinema; promote Ribatejo as a shooting site; promote the exchange of experiences between national and international participants at the festival; promote Almeirim; strengthening regional community bonds, promoting integration into a national identity open to the international community; offer a quality alternative cultural initiative;
Conditions of admission: short competitions of up to 30' (fiction, documentary or animated), very short of up to 4', and making of's (up to 30') produced after January 2019, which have not been shown on television or commercial circuits, although available on the Web, are admitted; movie submissions do not discriminate themes, genres, ethnicities, religions.
Candidate films must be submitted through the FilmFreeway platform in one of the following categories: short fiction, short documentary, very short fiction, short animation, and making of's; registration must take place between 1 June and 16 October. Applicants must attach the materials requested at the time of registration.
Each author can enter more than one movie, in the same or different categories. The same film can’t be submitted in more than one category.
The organization reserves the right to consider a film submitted in a category other than that chosen by the applicant, after his written consent, which will be requested by e-mail.
The registration will have a fee of 3 € for the very short and 5 € for the short and making of's, on regular deadline.
The films and materials sent to the "3in1 Film Fest" will not be returned and will be part of the festival archive.
The organization is not responsible for misspellings or misinformation that is included in the application. The titles and names of the directors used in the promotional materials will be the same as those indicated in the application.
Registration through FilmFreeway implies authorization to display the film in public performances during the festival.
The programmer of the festival selects the works to the competition and informs its decision the competitors until 23 October.
The organization is not obliged to communicate the reason / reasons for not selecting a movie.
The "3in1 Film Fest" is not obliged to pay exhibition fees, and the candidates acknowledge this situation when submitting the application.
Display formats: Copies must be submitted by November 13, 2020. The festival accepts the following formats for display: MP4 or MOV, 1080p.
Non-English-language display copies must have embedded English subtitles.
If the film wins a prize, it will be shown again on November 29 at no additional cost.
All the directors of the selected films will be entitled to two accreditations with full access to the festival.
The organization does not offer support or reimbursement for travel, lodging and meals to any member of the technical or artistic team of the selected films. Candidates acknowledge this at the time of submission.
Prizes: a prize will be awarded for the best work in each of the five categories plus the public prize. Honorable Mentions will be awarded to the remaining 2 best works of each category.
• Short Fiction
• Short Documentary
• Very Short of Fiction
. Short Animation film
• Making of's
• Public - The Public prize will be awarded to the work most voted by the present public.
The prizes are made up of a trophy awarded at the prize-giving session. In the event that no one from the winning movie team is present to receive the prize, it will be mailed by the end of December.
There will be a jury for each category. Each jury will consist of a panel of three individuals of recognized merit for their contribution to the development of cinema, culture or society in general.
The jury may award up to 2 Honorable Mentions.
The jury will not award ex-aequo prizes.
Promotion: a copy of the selected films will be part of the Festival's assets, and the organization will not use them for commercial purposes, except for actions to promote the Festival.
All doubts and omissions of this regulation will be resolved by the organization according to rules of fairness and common sense.
The "3in1 Film Fest" signifies the full and unreserved acceptance of the terms of this rules.

Overall Rating
  • William Vitoria

    Great festival, friendly people, It was a pleasure to share my short film!

    January 2020
  • Rodrigo Tavares

    Great festival, good selection of movies, and committed to providing conditions for networking.

    January 2020
  • André Almeida Rodrigues

    3in1 Film Fest is a good film festival.

    December 2019
  • Festival Maravilhosos! Os meus parabéns a toda a equipa do 3 in 1 Film Festival.
    Foi uma honra ter sido selecionada, estar presente e conviver com todos os presentes durante os dias das projeções. A equipa do Documentário "Quando a Luz se Apaga" deseja os maiores sucessos.

    December 2019
    Response from festival:

    Obrigado pelas suas palavras que são tão importantes para nós. Vamos estabelecer pontes de ligação já no início do ano e contamos convosco para a 2ª edição que vai trazer novidades. Abraços a toda a vossa equipa.

  • Tripé Produções

    An excellent first edition showing how you should do it: A great eclectic selection, good organization, and on top of it all, amazing hospitality! We had a great time and we'll be back for sure.

    December 2019