The short film festival 20minmax literally stands by its name: films of multiple genres – so long as they are no longer than 20 minutes.

As we do not set any limits with regard to film genres, our festival offers a holistic overview of the current short film scene. The diversity of the genre shall be underlined by showing blocks of films; this allows the spectator to both compare and understand the ways in which short films can be designed, which topics they can address, and the fashion in which these topics can be approached. Screening the films in this manner should, on the one hand, create awareness of the fact that short films ought not to be written off as mere support for full-length movies; and, on the other hand, emphasize the selection process itself as well as the dramaturgical order of the program, which are of the utmost importance at times where we have seemingly limitless access to videos of any kind at our disposal.

We would like to offer an independent, manifold, unusual yet still coherent program choice which might question, train, amuse, or simply satisfy the spectator and his visual perception of film.

CORONA SHORT AWARD | Prize Money €500

BEST SHORT FILM | donated by AUDI AG | Prize Money €2,000 | closed for 2020 | Already Awarded!!!
YOUTH JURY AWARD | donated by inlingua | Prize Money €1,000 | closed for 2020 | Already Awarded!!!
BEST SHORT FILM COMEDY | donated by schnellervorlauf gmbh | Prize Money €1,000 | closed for 2020 | Already Awarded!!!
BEST SHORT FILM ART & EXPERIMENTAL | sponsered by the City of Ingolstadt | Prize Money €1,000 | closed for 2020 | Already Awarded!!!
SHORTIES FOR KIDS AWARD | donated by AUDI AG | Prize Money €500 | closed for 2020 | Already Awarded!!!
SOUTHERN FILM AWARD 2019 | donated by IFG | Prize Money €500 | closed for 2020
MOBILE FILM AWARD |Prize Money €500 | closed for 2020 | Already Awarded!!!
WEIRD MOVIES AWARD | Prize Money €333 | closed for 2020


1 . The organizer of the International Short Film Festival 20minmax in Ingolstadt is the non-profit association Verein zur Förderung der Filmkultur - Von der Rolle e.V.

2. Submission: Films are to be submitted via the international internet platform FilmFreeway. Films and videos that have previously entered past editions of 20minmax will not be considered for the current competition. Preview DVDs will not be returned.

3. The organizers reserve the right to move submissions to other competitions and sections.

4. Each entry to FilmFreeway must be accompanied by at least 1 film still (JPEG or TIFF, min. 300dpi) as well as 1 director's photo, an english synopsis and a short director's biography. A contact email address for notifications about the submission status is mandatory.

5. The selection committee will make its decision by October 2020. Filmmakers whose work is accepted for the festival program will automatically be informed via email.

5a. The short films selected for the program will be screened in a cinema on-site as well as online via an online platform. Both the screenings on-site and online will only be accessible through the purchase of a ticket. The online programs will only be accessible for the German audience restricted via geo-blocking.

6. A screening copy will be requested separately by the festival management. This copy has to be available in digital form by October 20th 2020. All selected films will be announced with stills and trailers at

7. Screening Format: Festival screening copies for the festival week should be uploaded or sent in HD-resolution or better, Apple ProRes or DCP, 24 or 25 fps (25 fps is recommended, we do not accept 30 fps). mp4-files are accepted but not recommended

8. Subtitles: If the original version is in a language other than English, the film must be subtitled in English. We also require subtitles for English films. Our audience is thankful for German subtitles for English Films but we accept English subtitles too.

9. By submitting a film to the 20minmax festival the sender consents to the film being screened at the festival both in competitions and specials. In submitting your film or video you guarantee that you have all the relevant permissions, licenses and releases for your film or video to be screened in a public exhibition. You must have the authorization, licence and release for the submitted film's/video's music, script and actors etc.

10. For promotional purposes and for the corporate communication of the cooperation partners and sponsors excerpts of the accepted films can be broadcasted on TV, in trailers or on websites, free of charge, if this is not expressly revoked by the submitter. The excerpts cannot exceed 3 minutes or 10% of the total length of the film. Stills and photos can be used for promotional purposes and for the corporate communication of the festival.

11 . A screening fee will not be paid.

12. In agreement with the rights holders Von der Rolle e.V. presents the winning films and/or selected films of the 2020 edition of the fesitval in non-commercial screenings after the festival week itself.

13. By submitting to the festival the sender agrees that his or her details will be stored and used in purpose of the Festival and accept the regulations of the Festival.

14. By submitting a film the submitter accepts the festival regulations.