Film Streams’ annual Local Filmmakers Showcase is a celebration of the extraordinary work made by filmmakers in Nebraska and Iowa.

With the goal of supporting filmmakers with the best of what we can offer, this year's submissions will be evaluated by our own Programming team, with three films selected to be screened at Film Streams throughout a weekend in September, October, or November.

The theme for this year's showcase is "Identity;" however, filmmakers are eligible to apply with work that does not strictly adhere to this theme.

Please note that this year's format is different than previous ones. To learn more, sign up for our virtual Office Hours taking place on Mar 15, 2 pm CT:

The prizes for the top three films are $2000, $1500, and $1000.

The three films selected will be screened at Dundee Theater's Micro Cinema before the main program. Filmmakers whose work is selected for the showcase will be invited to introduce their films prior to their first screening. They will also be invited to an opening night post-screening cocktail party at Lola's.

Moreover, the selected filmmakers will be offered the chance to submit any work in progress or project in development for discussion and feedback from the Film Streams staff, as well as the opportunity to have their questions answered regarding marketing, film distribution and exhibition. This will not be a requirement for filmmakers, but an optional offer. These meetings will take place during the day on Friday that their film starts screening.

1. For a project to be eligible, at least one of its directors must be a current resident of Nebraska or Iowa. Students attending college in the showcase region are welcome to submit. Submissions are open to filmmakers of all ages.

2. Films must be completed at the time of submission and received by Film Streams no later than May 1, 2022.

3. A maximum of two submissions are allowed per filmmaker.

4. It is the applicant’s responsibility to gain permissions for any borrowed intellectual property, like music, prior to submission.

5. Submitted films should not be over 25 minutes; films of shorter length are particularly encouraged.

Overall Rating
  • Sharonda Harris-Marshall

    Thank you for showing our film love!

    January 2022
  • Wheeler Winston Dixon

    Excellent festival - Film Streams did a superb job organizing the event, and the projection was superb. Great experience on all counts!

    November 2021
  • Ken White

    This was such a lovely event—well organized, with fabulous communication, and really great people. A special shout out to Angie Balsarini and her team for superb community engagement. It was an honor to be included...

    December 2020