13th Parish Festival of Independent Film (and music) is a new festival taking place in Jersey, Channel Islands. 13th Parish showcases the best of independent world cinema, including short film, documentaries and features.

In 2019, we partner with the IndieCork Festival in Cork, Ireland - a partnership between two festivals with similar creative goals.

Located just 24km from the shores of France, 13th Parish culturally connects this beautiful archipelago with it's neighbours and the wider creative world.

So, Join us in May 2019 for this special festival, visit beautiful Jersey and meet like-minded film and music makers!

Best International Film
Made In Jersey Award
Jenny Lecoat award for script-writing
...and more...

Rules and Regulations for Entries

The festival takes place May 17h to 19th 2019.
Entry deadline is March 29th 2019.
1. Entry Requirements
Please list the screening history of your film.
We welcome short films, documentaries and features. All genres are welcome including animation and experimental films.
Films of all lengths are welcome.
2. Preview Screeners
Films may be submitted for pre-selection through password protected online screening formats such as Vimeo.
3. Entry Procedure and Selection
The deadline for entry is March 29th 2019. To ensure that your film will be considered we advise entering as soon as possible as late entries will not be accepted.
*Selected films will be notified mid April and you will be asked to provide suitable film images for publication, plus technical information, and confirmation of the screening format.
*Please note that by entering your film to 13th Parish we take it on your good faith, that should your film be selected, it is available to screen with us. Therefore we do not accept late withdrawal of films from the festival on the basis of other festivals selection or requests. Thank you for your understanding that this is a strict rule.
4. Screening Copies
We request all films to be available on a high res file. Some films once confirmed may require DCP but we will notify you of this if that is the case.
Technical requirements will be communicated upon selection.
Films not in the English language must be available with English subtitles.
5. Shipping of screening copies to 13th Parish
Screening copies must arrive to us digitally no later than May 3rd 2019. The same date applies for any DCPs required. This is important as all copies must be checked in advance of screening.
The cost of DCP inbound copies of films must be borne by the print source.
Screening copies that are not digital files will be returned to the shipper by 13th Parish within two weeks of the screening date.
13th Parish will bear responsibility for one way shipping only.
6. Promotional Material
Participation at 13th Parish includes giving the festival permission to use promotional clips of your film to a maximum 10% of the overall running time. Clips will be used in the context of the promotion of the festival and the film itself only and for no other reason.
7. Charges
We charge an Entry Fee of £10 for all films. If multiple films are being submitted, e.g. by a national film agency or film school, please contact us at info@13thparish.org.je so that we can advise on a non-prohibitive rate.
13th Parish does not pay screening fees for films.

GDPR: 13th Parish is bound by the same Privacy Policy that exists on your entry platform e.g. FilmFreeway. If your film is accepted we will contact you about the festival in advance of screening here to make arrangements. From there you will have the option to opt out of any e-newsletter or information we send you. We do not hold your information or share it beyond these situations.

If you need clarification on any of the above, please contact us at info@13thparish.org.je

We are happy to discuss :) thank you

Overall Rating
  • Daniel Craven

    It was a pleasure to screen our documentary film ' Durrells Underhogs' at this first-time film festival. A great team of people, who have lots of festival experience and who are passionate about film, have created an engaging, friendly and purposeful film festival on the beautiful island of Jersey. It was a pleasure to be involved and I look forward to seeing more films and documentaries screened at the 13th Parish Film Festival in the future. Thank you!

    June 2019