The 12°N61°W Grenadian Film Festival (1261GFF) is the first independent film festival in Grenada dedicated to the exhibition of black films about the cultural experiences and trajectory of the Caribbean and African Diaspora communities globally - including the Caribbean, the Americas, Europe, Africa, and Asia. The 1st Annual 1261GFF is spearheaded by a team of Grenadian filmmakers and producers and will take place from May 3rd - 5th, 2019.

Our mission for 1261GFF is to promote Grenadian content creators and filmmakers while fostering an interconnected community of people from both the Industry and the public.

We look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful tri-island state of Grenada, Carriacou, and Petite Martinique, in May 2019!

Best Documentary (feature/short)
Best Fiction (feature/short)
Best Animation
Best Grenadian Film (feature/short)
Best Music Video

1261GFF accept films made by emerging and seasoned filmmakers that celebrate and explores relevant themes dedicated to the exhibition of black films about the cultural experiences and trajectory of the Caribbean and African Diaspora communities globally - including the Caribbean, the Americas, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Submission Eligibility To 1261GFF
◙ 1261FF accepts films and videos made by and/or about people of Caribbean or African descent.
Filmmaker needn't be of Caribbean or African descent. Films should preferably depict positive or realistic images of the black cultural experiences and trajectory of the Diaspora communities globally.
◙ Films can be any genre -- children, drama, comedy, horror, adventure, animation, romance, science fiction, experimental, etc. 1261FF accepts features (exceeds 40 minutes) and shorts (under 20 minutes); narratives and documentaries.
◙ All submissions must be in English or have English subtitles.
◙ Film submissions must include:
 Your film's title, synopsis, credits
 The runtime in minutes
 If it is a narrative or documentary
 The director's name
 A contact email
 Two (2) high-resolution production stills or screenshots,
 Your film as a high-resolution.mp4 or .mov file

Awards Categories
1261GFF official competition categories are: Best Narrative Feature, Best Narrative Short, Best Documentary Feature, Best Documentary Short, Best Grenadian Narrative and Best Grenadian Documentary.

An independent jury panel made up of industry professionals judges all films.

Film Submission to 1261FF
All film submissions must be completed online via FilmFreeway. Each film submitted must have a separate application with a separate application fee paid.

Online Registration:
You must first create an account with FilmFreeway (free to filmmakers). After registering, you will be able to fill to submit to 1261FF at

When you have completed the application, you must pay the submission fee and hit the "Submit Your Film" button. You will be notified that your submission is completed.

◙ On the online application, make sure to fill out the requested video link
information and provide a valid password.
◙ Video link passwords must remain active until March 31, 2019.
◙ If you change the password to your link, before March 31, 2019, you must send a
new valid password by email to

All films submitted to 1261GFF are previewed from start to finish by at least one member
of the 1261GFF programming staff. No film can be included for screening at 1261GFF without having been reviewed by at least one of our programmers.

Notification of Film Acceptance:
◙ Notifications of acceptance will be emailed to the contact person listed in your
application. Please make sure you notify us at immediately if
there are any changes.
◙ Selection results will be available beginning January 30th, 2019. It is a "roll-out"
notification process with feature-length films being notified first. Other than feature
films receiving notification before short films, there is no significance to the order in
which notification is given.
◙ All accepted films will be posted on the 1261GFF website, by approximately March 30th,
◙ You will be notified that your film has not been accepted only after all screening slots
have been filled.
◙ All preview copies will be added to 1261GFF's archives for consideration in our year-round programming unless filmmaker indicates in writing that they do not wish it so.

The 12°N, 61°W Film Festival reserves the right to determine the eligibility of the submissions to be screened at the Festival, the appropriate venues and time slots for the screening of films, and to use excerpts of the movie for publicity purposes. All films submitted must have proper clearances ( licenses, royalties, release forms, permits which are necessary to present their work). Neither the 12°N, 61°W Film Festival nor any of the 1261GFF venues will not be held liable for any claim involving copyright, trademark, credits, or royalty infringement related to the work submitted.