The Fifth Annual 100 Words Film Festival premieres in Toronto, Canada at the Ted Rogers Cinema on October 14th, 2018.

Films can be any length and on any subject and in any language, as long as it adds up to exactly 100 spoken English words. Each film includes a countdown starting from 100 down to the last word. Counters will be added to chosen films by the Festival Program Department so please leave the lower left corner of your film free of graphics.

Accepted films are judged by an independent panel of professional film critics.

All films accepted into the festival are shared as official selections and earn IMDB credit.

**Deadline August 24 and September 17.

***Notification September 21st

1. Films must be exactly 100 spoken words. With each submission, a text copy of the dialog script must be emailed, along with your name and name of film, to Lyrics from songs that are audible are considered part of the word count.

2. The 100 Words Film Festival graphics department will add our trademarked graphic counter to all films that are accepted. Please be sure NOT to include a graphic counter.

3. Films must have licensed clearances on all graphics, locations, logos, materials, music and personal appearances before submitting.

4. Please leave the lower left corner free of graphics and lower thirds for the inclusion of the graphic word counter in your film.

5. Due to the word count aspect, all films MUST be presented in English or with English subtitles or dubbing. Any use of subtitles or dubbing may only contain 100 English words and must substantially match the native language.

6. Conjunctions like “it’s” “that’s” “can’t” and hyphened words like “forty-five” “mid-July” “self-assured” will be considered 1 word.

7. Please pay attention to numbers and dates, “Two Hundred and Forty-five” would count as 4 words. The year “Nineteen Eighty-Two” would count as 2 words.

8. Credit rolls may run up to 15 seconds at the end of your film.

9. -Student Filmmakers must include a photocopy of a current, valid student ID or proof of enrollment with the preview copy of their submitted work.

10. If your film is accepted to the 100 Words Film Festival, please be prepared to send us a picture of the director (300dpi .tiff or .jpeg) and a written bio consisting of 100 words.

11. If your film is accepted to the 100 Words Film Festival be prepared to send a link to a full size, Apple ProRes .MOV file to If you are unable to obtain an Apple ProRes version, please contact for alternatives.

12. All genres will be considered, however, films containing extreme sexual content and/or gratuitous graphic violence are rarely selected for screening.

13. Films that are accepted and screen at the Festival become part of the 100 Words archive and may be screened by the festival at other 100 Words events at the discretion of the Festival organizers.

14. There are several deadlines beginning August 24, 2018. Entry fees increase at each deadline. All films MUST be to the 100 Words Film Festival office by September 17, 2018.