The 100-second Film Festival is a gathering for international filmmakers to use their brevity and endless artistic creativity to make a film with promising images of "Ethnical Cinema" in various dimensions, formats and perspectives, to Polish the lives of the audience by creating up to 100 second short pieces of art.

- The statue of the festival, diploma of honor for the best documentary film.
- The statue of the festival, diploma of honor for the best feature film.
- Statue of the festival, diploma of honor for the best animated film.

Submission and uploading films in the festival, is free and possible only through the festival’s website: also Completing the application form to participate in the festival means accepting all regulations of the festival
1-A photo of the director with appropriate quality, film stills, synopsis up to 60 words and list of credits must be uploaded along the film print at the website.
2- Every film can be submitted to the festival only by single submitter.
3- There is no limit in terms of the number of submitted films, for each real or legal person,
4- The festival has the right to screen all the films submitted and selected at the festival’s venues and as an internet broadcast on the festival website. Also, the rights of any kind of advertising and press usage of the films, after preliminary review and selection to the festival is reserved.
5- Duration of the film, including credits lists, are Acceptable up to 100 seconds.
6- Each film must be independently and with the following technical conditions should be uploaded to the festival website:(2.4.4: Level - default by: rate Frame - H264/M) (Progressive - vbr1pass: encoding B)
7- Submitted films must have contained technical standards in audio and video. It is obvious that if there are no favorable qualities, the festival is allowed to remove the work from the festival.
8-The owners of the selected films after the announcement of the festival selection; have to submit their films within 5 days According to the conditions announced through the festival website.
9- The certificate of the festival will be given to all those movies that will be selected.
10- Screening schedule of the selected films will be announced at the festival website.
11- The festival has the following categories: documentary, Animation & fiction.
12-This festival will be held with full implementation, rules and Health protocols of the Ministry of Health.
13-making Decisions about unpredicted cases will be made by the festival director.
14- The deadline for submission of films is 20/01/2023.

Overall Rating
  • جشنواره فیلم صد ،جشنواره خوبی بود از چند منظر :
    1- جدای از گزینش فیلم های ایرانی که بر اساس ایدئولوژی صورت میگیرد ، فیلم های خارج از مسابقه فیلم های بهتری بودند .
    2- برگزاری جشنواره در سالن های خیلی خوبی صورت گرفت و این ارزشمند بود
    3- اسکان و پذیرایی از فیلمسازان حاضر در جشنواره ، خوب بود و میتوانست محل اسکان به هتل بهتری باشد از منر نزدیکی به مکان نمایش فیلم ها
    4- پیشنهاد می شود اگر اکران آنلاین برای فیلمسازهایی که نمی توانند به تهران بیایند داشته بانشد بسیار خوب است . سامانه ای درست شود برای پخش اکران انلاین که دسترسی آن را فیلمسازها داشته باشند

    May 2023
  • hamidreza mahmoudieh

    It was our honor to attend this festival

    March 2023
  • It is a wonderful film festival

    March 2023
  • Very honored to have participated in this magnificent festival. Unfortunately I could not come to see you but I thank you for this invitation. Festival that I recommend...

    March 2023
  • it was a great Film Festival

    March 2023