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Born in 1981, but very much still a child at heart when it comes to movies and everything they stand for - entertainment, moral tales and questions, thrills, chills, and bringing the impossible to life, with a chuckle or two.
Making movies since he was a child, Eitan has always known that he would launch his film career with Genre films, following the footsteps of his cinematic idols: Steven Spielberg, John Carpenter, Martin Scorsese, William Friedkin and Clint Eastwood, to name a few.
Graduate of the Tel Aviv Film University’s Film Department, Eitan wrote and directed Israel’s first zombie film, Cannon Fodder (AKA Battle of the Undead), distributed in 15 countries and toured the world in over 40 film festivals, planting the seeds of the Hebrew Horror film Genre.
2017 brought Children of the Fall, his second feature film, which premiered at the A List Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival, and is currently in world sales negotiations.
2018 Brings several projects that laid dormant in development to the front:
The Human Equation: Sci-Fi adventure which includes the crowd pleasing tropes that a Director would want, with social commentary and questions that that should be asked, more now than ever before. The Running Man meets Lost, set in wild locations, to include an international cast.
Blinding: Thriller, David Lynch films meet John Carpenter, set in the Israeli desert, and follows a woman who just got out of prison, only to find herself imprisoned again, only this time in a rural military base, with mysterious and deadly figures threatening to turn her into something that one does not dare to imagine.
Better: a contemporary tale about a reserves soldier who deals with PTSD, late in his 40's, an has to rebuild his life around his new condition and past demons, unaware that there might be another explanation to his gentle mental state.
A Sodom Bed: Futuristic Drama, Starman meets Womb. Set in Israel, 20 years from now, it follows Abigail, a strong independent CEO of a Techno-Medical startup, that finds her old boyfriend, the love of her life, alive in her apartment - after he's been dead for the past 18 years, killed in a military operation in Gaza. Shocked by his appearance, she sets on a journey to discover how he came back, why, and can their love triumph the obstacles of science, grief and mourning.
Eitan is currently producing VFX and animation at "Snowball Studios", an international post facility, working with some of the leading content houses in the world, in addition to writing and editing various projects.
As a Director, Eitan prides himself to be audience minded, on schedule and on budget, with a tendency to "milk" every possible cent from the budget to get the best outcome, both in level of content and in production value.
He's afraid of cockroaches, still loves Megadeth, and makes a mean cup of coffee.
CHILDREN OF THE FALL (2017) – Feature Film, Horror/Thriller
THE HUMAN EQUATION (2016) – Short, Sci-Fi
CAPTURING THE BUTTERFLY (2014) – Rocumentary
CANNON FODDER (2013) – Feature Film, Horror/Action
OPEN STITCH (2009) – 45 Minutes, Horror/Romantic Comedy
NO WAY OUT (2009) – Short, Horror/Comedy – Co Director
ACCIDENT (2007) – Short, Horror/Romantic Comedy
Official Selection
Children of the Fall
Talca International Film Festival
Official Competition
Children of the Fall
Israeli Academy Awards
Tel Aviv
Official Selection
Children of the Fall
Fractured Visions Film Festival
Official Selection
Children of the Fall
Suspenso Film Festival
Official Selection
Children of the Fall
Torremolinos Film Festival
Official Selection
Children of the Fall
Dracula Film Festival
Tel Aviv University
Film and Television
Birth Date
May 1981
Married To
Yafit Shalev
With Hebrew as his main native language, Eitan learned to speak English at the age of five from repeatedly watching Jaws, Big Trouble in Little China, Pale Rider, Crocodile Dundee and Police Academy 5.
Cannon Fodder was the The thesis project for Tom Goldwasser and Eitan Gafny. This makes the film, technically, a student film. With the total size of the production (locations, cast, etc.), "Cannon Fodder" is the biggest student film in Israeli history. Cannon Fodder also Holds the current record for most special effects shots in an Israeli film, with a total of 350 special Visual effects shots - and it was the first Action or Horror film to be supported by the Israeli Film Fund, the biggest and oldest film fund in Israel.
Children of the Fall includes various nods to Eitan's favorite film directors, such as spoken lines, character names, etc.
"This is the one I'll be remembered for" - Ed Wood ("Ed Wood").
Always Looking for a Bigger Boat
White Beach Productions