Due to COVID-19, we have changed our submission rules!
We're still taking online submissions, please read details in the rules below.

GSIFF is going to introduce the best films to the world!
Organized by Little Golden Man Group.
We take many kinds of international short films, especially children films that could be animation or a short film made by a child!
Film makers, TV stations from many countries will attend the festival.
We award the best of the bests.

Best Picture
Best Director
Best New Director
Best Producer
Best Actress
Best Actor
Best Supporting Actress
Best Supporting Actor
Best New Actress
Best New Actor
Best Art Picture
Best Screenplay
Best Cinematography
Best Editing
Best Documentary
Best Child's Picture
Best Child Star
Best Short Film
Best Animated Feature
Best Original Music
Lifetime Achievement

Due to Covid-19, we have changed our rules! Please read carefully.
Please visit our website for submission details https://www.xjrfilm.com
Please submit to our email sub@xjrfilm.com

How to submit:

1. Email subject:
a. Your name
b. Your submission type (song, lyrics, scripts, micro film, short film, film, documentary, young Filmmaker film, animated film, talent show, etc)
c. Product tittle
d. Year of the product released
c. Any previous awards

2. Email content:
a. Link to your product, password if necessary.
b. Your contact information, name, title, location.
c. Your availability of attending the festival.
d. If it is première, please noted.

Free on first submission!
1. Submission Deadlines:
Open for submissions – March 1, 2022
Early Bird Deadline – November 1 30, 2022
Final Deadline – February 10, 2023
Notify Producers whose Entries have been selected for Official Selection – February 25, 2023
Film Festival – March 11, 2023

2. Acceptable submissions
Submission can be a feature film, short film, music clip, documentary, animation (film) which embrace genres that include:
Action, Adventure, Alternative, Animation, Art, Biography, Classics, Comedy, Comedy Drama, Crime, Culture, Dance, Dark Comedy, Documentary, Family, Fantastic, Fantasy, Flash, Health, History, Horror, Human Rights, Independent, Kids, Live Action, Medical, Melodrama, Music Video’s, Mystery, Nature, News, Parody, Postmodern, Realism, Reality, Religion, Road Trip, Romance, Romantic Comedy, Satire, Science Fiction, Silent movie, Social Issues, Spiritual, Surreal, Thriller, Transgender, Underground, Urban, War, Western and more.
We do NOT accept films with sexual/violent images or content of Chinese government/politics.

Films: 60 minutes and above.
Short Films: 60 minutes or less.
Micro Films: 15 minutes or less.
MTV: 5 minutes or less.
Commercial: 2 minutes or less.
Young Filmmaker Film: Young Filmmaker (18 years of age and under) 10 minutes and less.
Young Filmmaker Creative Film: Young Filmmaker (18 years of age and under) 5 minutes and less.
Parent-child Film: 5 minutes and less.
Song: 5 minutes and less.
Song Lyrics.

3. Conditions
Little Golden Man Group will review and select the submissions carefully.
We accept all languages, however we are highly recommend subtitles on films not in English.
We only accept original films produced after 2015.

Overall Rating
  • Thank you choosing for our film REACH! This is indeed a boost to our morale in contributing to the world cinema.

    October 2019
  • Golden Statuette International Film Festival

    September 2019
  • I was only selected as a semi finalist so my film was not in the festival and being on the east coast I was unable to attend. This a fairly new film festival so the jury (no pun intended) is still out on this one, only time will tell.

    September 2019