The We Make Movies International Film Festival is a new festival celebrating the Do It Yourself filmmaking aesthetic -- if you had an idea for a film and just went ahead and made it instead of waiting for someone else to make it for you? You are our kind of filmmaker.

Held every summer in the heart of Hollywood, the movie capital of the world, WMMIFF is the "pull yourself up by your own bootstraps" festival, celebrating the self-starters and finishers of the filmmaking world.

Screenings are held at the 66-seat Second Stage space at the Broadwater Theatre, home of the nationally renowned Sacred Fools Theatre Company, providing an intimate screening experience combined with 1080p high-end digital quality.

Hosted by We Make Movies Inc., a filmmaking collective based on the idea of "Making the film that YOU want to see," this 4-day festival will provide networking and social events as well as four days of on-screen programming. The theatre also features an on-premises, full-service bar, The Broadwater Plunge, for participants' post-screening celebrations and networking fun. WMMIFF is a festival based on the idea that not only do we want to show your films -- if your films are good enough to make it into our festival, you're the kind of filmmaker we probably want to collaborate and work with! So prepare to meet other talented filmmakers at our after-events.

The hosts of the festival pride themselves on their knowledge of the DIY filmmaking world of Hollywood, as well as the local restaurant, bar and art scene. Participating filmmakers are encouraged to ask the Festival staff for nearby bar, restaurant, entertainment and sightseeing options if they're interested in exploring Hollywood beyond the parameters of the festival grounds!

Best Picture
Best Director
Best Cinematographer
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Screenplay
Best Mobile Film

- Previously premiered films fine.
- Films that were submitted to last years WMMIntl2019 will not be viewed.
- No Rough Cut Submissions -- film must be completed upon entry. Acceptance to festival will be determined on merits of first film submitted.
- Selected filmmakers must provide requested materials -- poster or other digital images, a high-resolution copy of the film, and a film summary, including key players from the cast and crew, filmmaker bio, and the film runtime for the program -- as requested by the festival organizers.

Overall Rating
  • Bron Theron

    This was a great festival to attend. They had the red carpet with photographer, easy to find location , fun films and a bar next door to relax at. I will enter this festival every year.

    September 2019
    Response from festival:

    Bron, I just wanted to personally thank you for giving us such a great review. All these reviews are leading to more submissions for the 2020 festival, so you've done us a real solid! -- Whit

  • Larissa Merriman

    My favorite part of the WMM festivals was they didn't try to cram too many screenings into the day and gave the filmmakers an opportunity to do a Q&A that lasted more than 30 seconds. You can tell how much planning went into creating the festival and the programming. Everyone I met was friendly and the director was receptive and communicative. The We Make Movies Festival has a real opportunity to grow into a festival that services filmmakers and can become one of the stronger festivals here in Hollywood. I hope they capitalize on it. Because there are a LOT of festivals (especially in Los Angeles and the surrounding area) that are flat out scams. They want a hefty submission fee, films are just grouped together without thought, and there is really no purpose to them other than perhaps showing them on the big screen. WMM is on it's way to being a great festival.

    August 2019
    Response from festival:

    Larissa, thanks so much for the lovely review. These reviews help us attract more films and filmmakers, which helps us build a better festival. We hope to see you as we move forward into 2020 and beyond! -- Whit Spurgeon, Co-Director

  • Maite Abella

    I couldn’t attend the Festival, but the communication was excellent. Very professional and serious team. Really satisfied

    July 2019
    Response from festival:

    Thanks for the nice review, Maite! It helps us attract more films and filmmakers to future years of the fest. Hope to see you at one of them!

  • Heidi Schooler

    The We Make Movies Film Festival was exceptional! Besides having it run smoothly the whole weekend, they had Industry panel/discussions that had wonderful guests! They made me feel very special as a filmmaker & they also had an accompanying "lounge" right next door where you could celebrate and meet other filmmakers after each block of films. (& also the place they gave out awards the last eve. of films.) I also enjoyed many of the blocks of original & International films from many countries, & thought the selection was diverse. I'd definitely recommend their festival, & submit again with another film in the future!

    July 2019
    Response from festival:

    Thanks so much for the great review, Heidi! It helps us attract more films and filmmakers to future WMM Intl Fests! You're the ginchiest!

  • Amy Schumacher

    This was a great festival! The energy was inspiring and the screenings were very well curated and attended. The communication for this festival was very clear and concise. Definitely a festival you want to attend and get to know the other filmmakers.

    July 2019
    Response from festival:

    Amy, I can't thank you enough for the stellar review. These help us get more submissions in future years -- the higher-rated we are means more filmmakers want to submit. Thanks for being a supporter. Keep kicking a**.