Fearless is an app for iOS and Android that showcases independent film. We stream features, series, shorts, and documentaries. This is NOT an in-person film festival. We are the "Netflix" of indie film.

All content types are accepted, however, we wish to encourage the following focus areas especially:
- LGBTQ stories & filmmakers
- Female stories & filmmakers
- Black & Latinx stories
- Indigenous stories
- Stories about people with disabilities
- Diversity, representation and inclusion in film in general.
- Freedom of speech, controversial topics, and challenging conversations.
- Content with strong messaging that drives our world forward (can be scripted, unscripted, or documentary).

This is an ongoing platform, so we add new titles on a regular basis (eg: every Friday). You can submit at any time for consideration for future weeks. In general, you should receive either an approval or a rejection within 2-10 days from the date you submitted it.

Yes, unlike traditional film festivals that showcase your work without paying you, we give you a royalty for every hour your content is watched. In addition, we provide additional bonuses to filmmakers who are interested in helping to promote the platform. Email creators@fearless.li if you'd like to help promote Fearless and earn revenue from that as well.

Website: https://fearless.li
App Download: http://onelink.to/7hccjg
Facebook: https://facebook.com/watchfearless
Twitter: https://twitter.com/watchfearless
Instagram: https://instagram.com/watchfearless
YouTube: https://youtube.com/fearlessnetwork
GIPHY: https://giphy.com/watchfearless

Fearless is run by Pomegranate Platform Inc. - a not-for-profit company dedicated to independent creators and increasing representation, inclusion, and diversity in film. Learn more at pomplatform.com.

There are no financial awards or prizes for specific films or series on Fearless. All filmmakers earn royalties on their work when it is watched.

Additional bonuses are available for content creators who help the platform grow by helping to acquire new content, curate short film collections, or promote the platform. If you are interested in becoming a Curator and/or a Promoter, please email matkai@fearless.li

1. Projects being submitted must be completed works; if the project is close to completion (ie: missing colour grading), then this should be made clear at time of submission, or our curators will assume that your work is complete.
2. Creators must own all rights to their music, videos, images, brands, etc. We will ask for proof of music licensing if accepted.
3. Creators must agree to permit their project to be shown for a minimum of 12 months. We showcase your film or series on the Fearless network across platforms (eg: web, iPhone, Android) as well as future platforms we will release over time.
4. If your title is not in English, you must provide a copy with English subtitles. We accept subtitles as hardcoded versions of your film (if you provide a version with and without) as well as SRT format.
5. We are a platform for adults and therefore, we do not accept Kids content. We add "teen," "young adult" or "family" content on a case-by-case basis.

Overall Rating
  • Got to be honest. Seemed like a cool concept that showcased indie creators to a new audience but after filling out forms and having my short film online, I never heard from them again. Ghosted. Can't say I would recommend to another filmmaker.

    June 2019
    Response from festival:

    Hey Patrick. Sorry that we let you down and made you feel ghosted. We certainly don't want any creator to feel left out. If there's something specific we can help you with, feel free to contact us at creators@fearless.li. We aim to respond within 1-2 business days always. We are here for you.

  • Overall Rating was good in process

    September 2018