Welcome to the third annual Vidlings & Tapeheads Film Festival!

Vidlings & Tapeheads is dedicated to celebrating & promoting unconventional stories. We love films with a unique voice that tell their stories in an unusual way, experiment with the medium, or sincerely explore eclectic subject matter and themes. We encourage and celebrate subversiveness, innovative use of materials and budget, and quirky independent work that doesn’t fit comfortably within any one genre.

VTFF films run the gamut of style, setting, and tone—tending to weird, niche, cult, or unusual—but always telling a story. We connect with characters who are outsiders and dreamers, both in front of and behind the camera. And though filmmaking is a collaborative effort, we have an unabashed appreciation of the auteur. We love the the absurd humor and magical realism of Terry Gilliam and Jean-Pierre Jeunet, the irreverent sincerity and dysfunctional iconoclasm of John Waters and Jane Campion, the uncanny cleverness and dark mystery of Davids Cronenberg and Lynch, the tactile humanity and visceral goofiness of Jan Švankmajer and Stephen Chow, the timeless avant-garde dreamscapes of Maya Deren and Slavko Vorkapić, and the haunting beauty and moral ambiguity of Hayao Miyazaki.

Check out The Filmmaker's Guide to Film Festivals video on VTFF!

We believe that filmmaking should be accessible to all and that content transcends medium. We’re open to all projects whether they were shot on VHS, Super-8, an HD DSLR, 35mm, an old cell phone, or a 5K Red Scarlet. In fact, we have a special place in our hearts for so- called obsolete tech.

We do our best to curate a diverse and engaging program with a progressive group of unconventional filmmakers, musicians, and artists from Michigan and around the world. We strive to be inclusive and welcome people of all ages, genders, ethnicities, nationalities, creeds, orientations, and walks of life to submit!

VTFF will take place on June 28th & 29th, 2019. The festival will feature Live Music Performances, an Art Exhibition, and of course — lots of Films! June 30th will cap the weekend with a filmmaker and VIP-only Award Ceremony Brunch & Excursion!

Our opening night kickoff party will feature live music performances, a filmmaker social, and free food from local vendors. The film screenings are all day Saturday the 28th. There will be live music and filmmaker Q&As between each film block. Festival attendees will be able to take in our art exhibition throughout the day and mingle with local artists and filmmakers. The night will wrap with a party set to music by the closing night bands. Sunday’s Award Ceremony Brunch and Excursion is closed to the public, but available for VIP passholders, volunteers, performing musicians, artists, and the filmmakers themselves.

Our main events will take place at Planet Ant Hall and its adjoining Ghost Light bar in Hamtramck, Michigan. Throughout its 20 years, Planet Ant has produced film festivals, improv festivals, Detroit Box Fests, and hosted events by The 313 and other renowned local and national artists. Hamtramck is a vital part of the resurgent Detroit cultural scene and has long been recognized as one of the coolest neighborhoods in the metro area!

Awards will be selected by a jury of working filmmakers, film critics, and film scholars.

Jury Award: Best Fiction
Jury Award: Best Animation
Jury Award: Best Documentary
Jury Award: Best Made-in-Michigan
Coordinator Award: Spirit of V&T (Student)
Coordinator Award: Spirit of V&T

Our 2019 prize packages are still being developed. Last year we had prizes from Final Draft, Wacom, and ProAm USA—just to name a few!

• Submitted short films must have been completed after June 1st, 2017.
• Films must be submitted via FilmFreeway online screener or password-protected Vimeo/YouTube link. Physical screeners are not accepted.
• No commercials, music videos, or works in progress.
• Entry fees are non-refundable.
• Do not send a press kit until your film has been selected.
• All non-English language films must have legible English subtitles.
• Multiple submissions must have separate forms and appropriate fees for each film.
• The selection committees’ decisions are final.
• If your film is selected, your digital screening download link must arrive by June 5th, 2019.
• If your film is selected you must provide 2 high resolution screen shots and a secured online link for press/promotion by May 27th, 2019. You will also be asked to provide press materials and a trailer for the website, with an option to send posters and flyers.
• All filmmakers under the age of 18 must have a legal guardian submit for you.
• Filmmakers must be authorized to submit their films to the Vidlings & Tapeheads Film Festival (VTFF) and are responsible for the accuracy of all information provided on the application form.

VTFF may use images, sounds and excerpts from the films for promotional purposes in all media including the Vidlings & Tapeheads website and may present accepted films at the VTFF2019.

You indicate that you have read and understand the VTFF entry guidelines and rules and regulations and that you agree to the VTFF Terms and Conditions. Furthermore, you indicate that you shall indemnify and hold harmless the V&T and Lethal Finger LLC from and against any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, and expenses (including but not limited to attorney's fees, and costs of the court) which may be incurred by reason of any claim involving copyright, trademark, credits, publicity, screening, and loss of or damage to the screening videos entered.

Overall Rating
  • Taylor Stanton

    I was so honored to have my film, The Likes and Dislikes of Marj Bagley, screen at Vidlings this year. I strongly recommend this festival to anyone who may be interested. Jerry runs a terrific event and, as a Michigander myself, I'm so impressed by the amazing lineup of films that he brings to Hamtramck. Thanks for having us and for the very generous best of fest award! :)

    October 2018
  • Elaine Strutz

    Dream festival! The care behind the curation of this fest shows tremendously. It's run by passionate people with great taste and an eye for interesting and artistic projects. I love that they also have fine art and live music. If you're from out of town, ATTEND! Detroit and this festival share an independent spirit for the arts that you can't get anywhere else. Thank you to the organizers for including me and I look forward to submitting again!

    October 2018
  • Margarita Grishina

    It was an awesome experience for my first ever film festival!

    August 2018
  • This was one of the most awesome film festival experiences I've ever had! For this 2nd year edition of the Vidlings & Tapeheads the line-up of films was top-notch. Andy Menko, the media coordinator, went out of his way to make sure that each screening was the best it could be. The Q&A's were thoughtful and professional and the audience was engaging. There was also and art exhibition with wonderful local artists and bands. The festival director Jerry White, an award winning filmmaker himself, is very passionate about this festival and it shows in how successfully he is in making the filmmakers feel appreciated. Jerry White has created a festival that has been missing on the festival circuit: a festival that embraces and showcases narrative stories told masterfully in unconventional ways. I am looking forward to seeing this festival grow. I highly encourage filmmakers to submit their films if their works fit the concept description.

    August 2018
  • Anne Hu

    I am normally weary of 1st year festivals, but I had such a great experience with Vidlings and Tapeheads from the very beginning, I had to attend and support this fest.

    When I say from the beginning, I mean starting even from the submission process. From the start, the festival director Jerry White Jr. was extremely passionate and communicative. He was ecstatic for people's submissions. It's due to this passion and communication that I decided if accepted I had to attend. Thankfully, we were accepted!

    And wow, Vidlings and Tapeheads blew me away! It was legit one of my favorite festival's I've attended this year. This is a small festival. But while it may not have the glitz and glamour of the large Oscar qualifying festivals, it has the intimacy and charm that large festivals lack. Because it's a smaller festival, you really get to know the filmmakers in attendance and the festival staff. They treat you with lots of Midwest hospitality: goodie bag, chocolate, a pizza party night, and lots of warm and fuzzy smiles. The festival also had a fantastic line up of bands, and an eccentric art show. The films were great and the audiences were passionate. I had an awesome Q&A, with an audience that was excited to ask questions and to meet the filmmakers. The festival was also well organized. Very few technical problems, on time, etc.

    If you have an eccentric film with story, definitely submit to Vidlings and Tapeheads. Not only will you have memories and experiences to remember forever, but you will make relationships that may last a lifetime.

    August 2017