Making movies to entertain people!!!!!!
My name is Valentina Battorti, I was born in Belluno, Italy, in 1983. My dad watched movies all the time and made me watch everything from Gremlins to Goonies to Little shop of horrors, Ghost, Pretty woman... through the eighties, then the 90s, then my love for films was complete and I started watching what I wanted... and then longing to be part of that!! I like to draw, read, sing, write, listen to music, watch Tv series, theatre, films of all kinds and I've always wanted to find a way to reunite all of these media to tell stories, so.. films!! I love to share my ideas and work and see the reaction of the audience, of friends, family, and see if I can make them laugh, cry, get frightened or super happy with a story, with a soundtrack.. it's magic!
Università di Scienze e Tecnologie Multimediali di Pordenone, Italia
High School
Liceo Classico Tiziano di Belluno
Latin and Greek literature
Birth Date
August 16, 1983
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I have written and directed and staged a musical called "The Golden Lyre", about Orpheus and Eurydice.
I have written, directed and acted in my first movie after university, inspired by Sophie Kinsella's comedy-romantic book "The undomestic goddess", where I gathered as actors one hundred friends and family guys and created a three hours-running movie.
I have written and directed and acted in my second movie, based on P. G. Wodehouse's book "Love among the chickens", also with friends and family. It is a love story about a writer who, in 1906, is forced by a funny enthusiastic friend, to open a chicken farm in the british country, knowing nothing about chickens!
Making movies to entertain people!!!!!!
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