Have your short film seen by the world!

Selected shorts will be shown in Bali on Kuta Beach from Sept. 18 - Sept. 20.

In addition, films will be made available Festival online for one weekend only!

We are a live, online, interactive, global, short film festival that extends and broadens viewers outside the common film festival experience and allows a much larger audience to enjoy the films from the comforts of their own homes.

For a brief 97 second video on how the festival works, view our promo here http://youtu.be/19EVEi2aRk4

The Unofficial Google+ Film Festival is complete with several film panels as well as live Q&A sessions with the filmmakers after each block of short films. This new and innovative festival is the future of the digital age for filmmakers and film fans everywhere. Movies are seen by thousands of attentive and film loving people around the world all at the same time (instead of being limited by a smaller geographical location).

This festival can be attended from anywhere in the world with a computer, smart phone, or tablet. We strive to bring more attention and recognition to brilliant filmmaking being created around the world and help to connect filmmakers with one another.

All accepted filmmakers will be given an opportunity to host their own local showcase so they can meet fellow filmmakers in their home city.

In addition, select films will be invited to be seen at the Sunur Village Festival from August 19 - August 23. (60,000+ attendees).

Your film or web series submission must be:
1. 25 minutes or less in length.
2. You own the rights to allow the creators to show your film.
3. You have ALL the rights cleared for any media within your film including music, video, photographs, artwork, etc.
4. The language of the film is either in English OR has English subtitles.
5. It is not required, but we strongly encourage you to participate in the interactive aspect of this film festival. We really want you to attend to represent your film. This all happens online! You won't have to pay for travel or lodging and you can do this anywhere in the world.

By submitting your film:

1. You declare that you own all the rights to the film. You have releases and/or have obtained the rights to all forms of media within your film/web series including music, video, photography, artwork, etc.

2. You grant the Unofficial Google+ Film Festival (UGPFF) a non exclusive license in respect of your film for the duration of the film festival to:

(a) Exhibit to paying or non-paying audiences wherever UGPFF holds live events during the dates of the festival;

(b) Stream your film live, online;


(c) Showcase your film on it's web site, YouTube channel, and any other online format with it's partners for the duration of the film festival. (Once the film festival is over, all films will be removed from ALL online venues unless you specifically give UGPFF permission to keep your film online. This means that you should still qualify for most other film festivals. Please verify this with the terms of other film festivals.)

3. If my film is selected, I agree to allow the Unofficial Google+ Film Festival (UGPFF) to edit my film into viewing blocks so that multiple short films can easily be played during each film block. The film will remain in its original format, it will just be edited together with other films that will play at the festival.

4. You allow the creators of the Unofficial Google+ Film Festival to edit your film for promotional purposes including but not limited to creating a trailer or teaser for the Unofficial Google+ Film Festival.

Entrants warrant that they have the legal right to enter film work to Unofficial Google+ Film Festival 2015. As the Director/Producer of the Film, entrants have submitted to the Festival, entrants represent and warrant to the Festival that the Film and all parts thereof are original; that the Film does not contravene the rights of any person or entity and that entrants own or control the Film and all parts thereof and have the sole authority to submit the Film to the Festival; the Film entrants submitted to the Festival is not subject to nor threatened by any litigation. Entrants acknowledge that no fiduciary or confidential relationship now exists between the Festival and entrants, and entrants further acknowledge that no such relationship is established by these guidelines, my submission of the Film, or by the Festival’s acceptance, review or retention of the Film. If a film is accepted, entrants will be solely responsible for delivering their exhibition video materials to and from the festival venue. A complete press kit and an online link to your film will be needed as soon after notification as possible. Unofficial Google+ Film Festival cannot be held liable for your exhibition print/video materials which are lost or damaged. Festival dates are subject to change.