Translations: Seattle Transgender Film Festival is a groundbreaking film festival that provides the Pacific Northwest with a venue for films by, for, and about transgender people and the issues facing the transgender community. Launched in 2006, Translations is one of only a few transgender film festivals in the world, and places emphasis on visibility and positive representations.

Translations is produced by Three Dollar Bill Cinema, an organization that strengthens, connects, and reflects diverse communities through queer film and media. We recognize that the term transgender is an umbrella term that fits many different types of people, as well as not fitting some people at all. We strive to provide a place for the exploration of transgender identities and issues through cinema, as the community continues to evolve with time.

Translations includes programs such as presentations, clip shows, discussions, premieres, and archival films.

Audience awards are given for Best Narrative Feature, Best Documentary Feature, Best Narrative Short and Best Documentary Short.

1. Preview screeners can be online or in the DVD formats specified.
2. If your work is accepted, we require your exhibition copy to be postmarked on or before April 13, 2020. We will return your exhibition copy (if not being forwarded to another destination) by May 31, 2020.
3. Shipment of materials to the festival must be paid by the applicant. Return shipment of exhibition materials will be paid by the festival. Any additional fees associated with shipping (higher cost than standard shipping rates) must be paid by the recipient/distributor/filmmaker.
4. Three Dollar Bill Cinema accepts no responsibility for loss or damage of entries or exhibition copies during shipment to or from the festival.
5. Once a film is submitted, it may not be withdrawn.

Overall Rating
  • A wonderful, heartfelt festival for a tight-knit community who made all traveling filmmakers feel right at home! Thank you, Translations, for allowing me and GLORIA to be a part of your important event! Please keep fighting the good fight for trans visibility and celebration of trans lives!

    May 2019
  • The communication, quality and value for money is all 5 star, I wish we could attend but we could not, however when it come to venue 3 dollar bill cinema is up there and when it comes to Transgender film festival this festival is way up there, we are delighted and feel privileged that our film Ek Aash got represented by the
    Translations: Seattle Transgender Film Festival. Sam and Mocha were so good to me - I wish I could have gone and hugged them and said thank you so much! In future for sure.

    May 2019
  • Sam Hampton

    As a filmmaker who screened at this year's Translations I must say it was a wonderful experience! The communication was amazing before and during the festival and it was clear that the festival team really cared about the filmmakers. The venue was great and the attention to detail was top notch. I came away very inspired and proud to have screened at the festival.

    May 2018
  • Gio Olmos

    Talented programmers and great communication! Congratulations on this new edition!

    May 2018
  • rosa fong

    Deconstructing Zoe, had its festival world premiere at Translations: Seattle Transgender Film Festival and we were honoured to be part of the festivals event line up. Although we couldn't attend the festival in person, the staff were warm and giving and no doubt the festival spirit was same. Rosa Fong and Zoe

    June 2016