Established in 2014, tilde is a community-based, international film festival located in Melbourne, and one of a handful of trans and gender diverse (TGD) film festivals in the world. Our festival exhibits and supports the work of TGD filmmakers and artists, and works that have TGD content, for TGD people, allies, and the wider community. It is also a crucial opportunity for TGD community members to gather and connect with one another in a safe and supportive environment.

Our mission at tilde is to showcase films that celebrate the stories and perspectives of trans and gender diverse communities, to provide opportunities to trans and gender diverse filmmakers, to challenge gender normativity, and to celebrate diverse representations of gender.

We are looking for films that explore TGD stories and experiences. Films will require TGD content to be shown at the festival, and we will prioritise films that are directed, written, or produced by TGD people. We welcome films of all genres, lengths and styles, but are particularly interested in feature length fiction. Submission requires a $10AUD fee.

tilde prioritises films directed or produced by Trans and Gender Diverse people, or films that collaboratively involve TGD people.

- Films must have TGD content, or contribute to TGD narratives
- Films must be no older than 2017
- Films must be in English or have English subtitles
- Films previously submitted will not be considered
- Submissions via FilmFreeway are preferred
- By submitting a film, you agree for the film to be shown at the 2019 festival

As part of tildeā€™s goal to support TGD filmmakers, at our discretion, we may apply submission waivers to films produced by members of the community. Please email us at for consideration of submission waivers.