观潮影展 简介

Teoswa International Film Art Festival (abbreviated as TIFAF) is an annual screening event of international (mainly “southern”) film and television works, and conferences that take place in Shantou, China. It began in 2015 and has continued to grow.

TIFAF tries to address two questions:

1. In the contemporary context of global integration and the isolation of the "northern countries,” what kind of local narrative will be told, in what kind of language and texture?
2. When we are talking about clan ethics, daily life, personal choice and trend of the times, which are inevitably confined to the past, the modern family life, and the judgement of choice in the social changing process, what kind of challenge need to be confronted?

By bringing and showing these moving images and by identifying the connotation and denotation of local/native complex, TIFAF, as a mediator between globalization and local communities, intends to ease cultural conflicts, to explore boundaries of social values, and to seek confrontation strategies of post-colonialism.

TIFAF is not only a screening and sharing event, but also an opportunity to exchange. Working with a group of film talents and high-profile institutions, it is the new entrance of China’s film industry. It is a conglomerate of project planning, fundraising, crew formation, film production, post-production, promotion and distribution. The goal of TIFAF is to excavate the local materials, to enhance capability of film making, to expand the channels of publicity, and to create a new model of trans-regional cooperation.

We sincerely invite you to join us.

Rules & Terms

01. All submitters must be the copyright owner (or have the permission for submitting).
02. All films must be above 1 minutes in length.
03. All submitted films must not have been shown on the Internet or broadcasted on TV, but shown with password or invite-only on the Internet is acceptable.
04. We accept digital and hardcopy submissions. If selected, a DCP or a Blue Ray or a video-download-file will be required for the screening.
05. If you send a hardcopy to us, please let us know via email at the first time.
06. We only own the rights for screening during the festival period. Other uses will be prohibited.
07. Please send any related press materials, including electronic press kit, posters, info about filmmakers and photos to: hey@kwanteo.org