A film festival celebrating over 60 years of the Japanese film genre tokusatsu, the live action film genre that has brought the world movies and series like Godzilla, Ultraman, Kamen Rider, and Super Sentai. This film festival celebrates all of the international ideas toku has spawned past, present, and future. With appearances from guests within the tokusatsu community such as Reuben Langdon and Matt Frank, awesome festival grounds attractions, and a small convention floor, this film festival is a one of a kind opportunity for prospective film makers to meet a new audience and a growing segment of the film industry.

All film entries must involve one tenant of the tokusatsu genre whether it be a changing (henshin) hero, a kaiju, and/or live practical stage effects.

Films must not exceed 15 minutes and proper notice of film content (gore, violence, nudity, etc.) must be clearly stated for categorization purposes.

Please do not use any unlicensed copyrighted materials such as soundtracks, costumes, or branding.

Films must be submitted digitally. By submitting you authorize the usage of your entry for promotion of the festival in commercials, flyers, and other promotional materials or any future screening events related to the Texas Toku Taisen such as roadshow events and private screening events.