NEW OPTION: All submissions receive an automatic acceptance to the festival!

This festival’s location is as mainstream and as Hollywood as it gets. It's located in downtown Los Angeles, right beside the Staples Center, home of the LA Kings, Clippers, and Lakers (LeBron James). And also right beside the convention center which holds a nightly concert.

So.......let's put on a film festival that showcases films & talent that no other festival does. Alternative films. Fashion films. Music Videos, Dance Pieces. Films without a plot. Films that let the visuals and sounds tell the emotions and let the audience interpret their own feelings.

A monthly festival!

What makes this festival unique is 4 fold!

1) Each accepted film gets a private viewing from a new audience in Los Angeles. Then that audience comments on your film and we make an Audience Feedback Video for you. Many use this video for their trailer and/or promotional purposes.

2) Then the filmmaker and team gets to do a blog interview with the festival where they can talk about their film and filmmaking life & career.

3) After that, the filmmaker and team can go on the Daily Filmmaking ITunes Podcast for an exclusive interview.

4) And finally, the film (optional) gets to show their film on the Daily Film Festival Streaming Service. Great way to get your film out to the industry.


Simply submit your film for FREE at the Virtual Film Festival with awards.

All film submissions are FREE. Opportunity to have your film showcased on the popular streaming service for 48 hours.

(Other opportunities to garner a distribution deal with the company and have your film showcased always on the streaming service.)


Submit your EXPERIMENTIAL, FASHION, DANCE, or MUSIC screenplay and get it made into a best scene video.

This is not just a film festival that accepts and then screens your film. We are hear to make sure we promote your film as much as we possibly can, plus the right people watch it.

The services available are over $1000 in value. Audience Feedback Video. Two professional interviews. Two major screenings.

Also give awards out after each festival in the following categories:

- Best Film
- Best Experimental
- Best Music
- Best Fashion
- Best Performances
- Best Cinematography

Festival is looking for the following genres:





Or a mix of any of the three. Films that don't have a "true" category and many festivals don't know what to do with.

Accept films in the short and feature category.

Also accept screenplays that also fit these genres. Full feedback on every submission. Winner get their script performed by professional actors and made into a video.

Overall Rating
  • JOI FashionFilm

    Great festival to be a part of!

    February 2024
  • thank you for the wonderful experience

    January 2024
  • Pacific Productions

    I highly recommend entering SEFFF, it was great!

    January 2024
  • Looking forward to attending in person later this year with my next project.

    January 2024
  • This festival has offered us so much, and went above and beyond to really put our project out there! I am so grateful for all the hard work you put into making "House Of Mystic Magic" into such a success! Can definitely recommend this lovely festival! Thank you to the team!

    November 2023