Stop motion OUR FEST is a festival created by the International Cultural movement Our Voice. We invite all stop-motion fans, filmmakers, creators, students from all areas and the general public to participate.
In this meeting, we propose to promote knowledge, reflection and action in the face of the global situation in human rights and environmental. That will be the main theme of this festival of animation shorts in stopmotion. Promoting a committed cinema and of great artistic value.

All selected works will receive a participation diploma.

The winners will receive a diploma and statue of the festival and gifts from the collaborators of the event.

The contest is open, with no age limit. individual or collective character.

1. The short film should be done using the stop motion technique, within all its variables, pixilation, cut out, claymation, etc.

2. In the animation should reflect the theme of the stop motion Festival 2018, “Human rights and environmental in the world”

3. The realization support will be: mobile phone, camera, tablet, and a video editing program.

4. Registration for the contest will be also online:

5. The delivery of the shorts will be in mov or mp4 format, and can be done through google drive, dropbox, we transfer, vimeo, sharing the url and password for later download.

6. The participants can present their work individually or collectively.

7. The works must be original with the free use of music rights.

8. The official language of the Festival is Spanish. In the event that the work includes dialogues in any other language, it must be sent subtitled in Spanish.

9. Those selected will be notified via mail. All selected works will be displayed on the FB page, and the contest website.

10. All the selected works will receive diplomas.

11. The festival does not pay screening fee

12. The filmmakers will not be able to withdraw their works until the end of the festival.


March 1, 2018

The winner will be selected by a jury, composed of Juan Pablo Zaramella, Santiago Grasso, and Juan Pablo Lepore.