Stargate International Film Festival is comprised of a multitude of directors and producers, film production companies, celebrities and investors who are always looking for projects to develop.

My name is Amber Dawn and I am the director of Stargate FilmFest. Submitting your short, feature, tv/episodic film or script, is a great way to get seen by our viewing audiences here in the Midwest. The Midwest is rapidly growing and is full of great filmmakers, and we encourage you to get involved in our festival.

Stargate International Film Festival is for Major Motion Pictures, Ultra Low Budget and Micro-Budget film projects. Film investors will be viewing. The jury will be comprised of award winning film directors, producers, writers and investors. Stargate International Film Festival will have it's annual festival in August 2021, in Kansas City, Missouri.

We accept Feature Films and Short Films. Three minutes. Thirty minutes. Two hours. And scripts from three pages to two hundred pages. We invite New, First Time Directors to submit to our festival. We have investors who are specifically looking for film projects to further develop. Submit your best work, projects which you can envision being on TV or in a theater.

MAY & JUNE 2021:
Submit your feature film into and you can enter into not just one category... but three!! 😍
2 additional categories are FREE OF CHARGE!!

Winning short films have income potential.
A few of our judges may be interested in marketing your film, and sharing profits with you.

Take advantage of our reduced pricing!
Less than Standard Pricing. Barely more than Student Pricing.

Stargate International Film Festival is ready to see what everyone is creating!!


Amber Dawn

PS. We would love to express our thanks, and congratulate you on social media. Please ensure your profile here on FilmFreeway includes links to your IMDB and/or Social Media pages, so we can interact with you. We would like to bring attention to your work, with the ultimate goal of getting your film/project seen by directors, big name actors and actresses, celebrities, fashion designers, and investors.

We look forward to receiving your submission.

Awards and prizes are a combination of Cash awards, Laurels, and Personalized Crystal and Glass Awards.

Winners are selected by a review panel and are categorized based on length, genre, and premier status. In addition to well known filmmakers, we invite first time filmmakers and screenwriters to submit.

Awards are given in the following areas:
Music Videos
Student / First Time Director
Game & Augmented Reality
Best Screenplay
Short Script
Television Script
Original Score, Song, Sound Editing
Under 9 Minutes
Micro-Budget Films
Silent Films / No Words
Best Actor
Best Actress
Creative Team Awards
Midwest Creative Team

Now is a great time to submit your work to our Stargate International Film Festival, for our cash prizes, laurels, and crystal and glass awards with in person recognition at our festival. Our viewers are directors and investors. Submit with that in mind.

The Stargate International Film Festival will take place in August 2021 in Kansas City, Missouri, USA.

Submissions are accepted beginning November 9, 2020. Official deadline April 23, 2021. Late deadline of May 13, 2021.

All submissions must have been completed after January 1, 2015. Films must be submitted via an online screener. Only one version of the film will be reviewed; changing or updating originally submitted links is not accepted.

Please indicate accurate premier status for feature films. If the premiere status of your feature film changes at any time, please let us know asap and withdraw your film. You may resubmit with the new premier status. There are no premiere status requirement(s) for short films or music videos. Work-in-progress and films with distribution are accepted.

Submission fees for Stargate International Film Festival are to be paid through the FilmFreeway platform, and are non-refundable.

Selected submissions will receive additional information via email and on FilmFreeway, between Wednesday, June 2, 2021 and Tuesday, June 22, 2020.

If selected, your Digital Cinema Package (DCP) should be sent via USPS, FexEx or UPS. Shipping, postage, and materials sent to/returned from Stargate are payable by the submitting party. Cash on delivery is not accepted; all charges must be prepaid.

Selected films must provide a DCP and backup Blu-ray in order to be screened. Both the DCP and backup Blu-ray should be clearly labeled with an easy to read title. Underneath the title, include whether your film is PAL or NTSC. Both DCP and backup Blu-ray must be received at least three weeks prior to screening. Foreign language films must have English subtitles.

Stargate will not be held liable for any failure in technical quality or loss/damage to DCP/blue-rays, nor will fees be refunded in any such case.

Screenings are scheduled at the sole discretion of Stargate and may be changed at any time for any reason. Stargate will not be liable for any costs, as result of schedule changes. Film(s) may not be withdrawn from the festival programme after selection.

Stargate reserves the right to promote the films on the Stargate website and on social media, using any images and/or video that you provide.

Formats allowed for feature length films (40+ mins): DCP, Blu-ray disc, online viewing (with or without password), or file upload.
Formats allowed for short films (under 40 mins): online viewing (with or without password), or file upload.