SHOTS is an International Short Film Festival based in the Peace messenger city Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia and will be holding its ninth edition in August 2024. The festival is created by a crew of young independent filmmakers who want to show quality short films from around the globe. We invite international independent filmmakers who would like to show their work to an international jury and audience that enjoys new and unique approaches to cinema. We focus on finding diverse and alternative independent films with strong characters and story line. We encourage all filmmakers to submit their films, regardless of ethnicity, religion or worldview. All genres are extremely welcome! But if you see yourself more in the field of animated films for children and youth you should check out ZEBRA which is our partner section happening just before SHOTS. We will screen all the accepted films in front of a live audience. Since it is a 3-day festival we can show only a limited number of short films, so all the accepted films will be nominated for an award and invited to Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia for the duration of the festival.

As we are rated one of the 100 best film festivals please check out our reviews by other filmmakers and see why we strive to be the best. We are filmmakers ourselves and want to give you a unique and respectful experience. Join us on our ride through the world of film! :)

You can also check out the SHOTS festival video on Youtube:

We will grant up to eight awards for the most amazing films submitted to the festival. The international jury will pick the most outstanding movie from each category and award independent filmmakers from around the world. The prizes are in form of unique statues and festival gifts.

* Best movie of the festival
* Best Actor
* Best Actress
* Best Writing/Story
* Best Cinematography
* Best Student film
* Best documentary
* Audience choice award

We accept films of any genre that are up to 30 minutes in lenght. Submissions are possible only via FilmFreeway! We accept any film that has been completed after January 1, 2000. Films that have debuted online are ineligible. The accepted/nominated film authors will be invited to stay in Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia for the festival dates. We hope you will enjoy our company!

Subtitles: Please submit subtitles on all work except English narratives. Every film spoken in an language different than English must have English subtitles, since this is an international festival.

All films are first viewed by the festival programmers and if selected given to the jury which will decide which films will be awarded in each category. Our programmers and jury will make final decisions and notify filmmakers accordingly. All decisions are final and feedback for individual films is not available.

We will nominate according to categories listed above and select the winning film in each category in the official selection. Winner is entitled to use to laurels on poster and all marketing material.

SHOTS reserves the right to make any necessary changes in regulations or scheduling.
- All submission fees are non-refundable. We will not return your screening and exhibition copies.
- The Festival Directorate may deny participation to any film unable to meet the technical requirements for a public screening of good quality.
- The festival has the right to disqualify a winning film for any reasons, without having to explain the reasons to the submitter.
- Only producers, directors, and main actors/actress can receive the physical awards at the award ceremony. Regardless of their winning status, winning filmmakers who can't attend the Awards Ceremony in Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia will only receive laurels. If you wish you can get your prize via mail but have to cover to extra cost of shipping. We reserve the right to withhold the screening of 2020 if less than 100 submissions has been submitted 2020 . Winners will still be announced online and in press. The festival has the right to work with any institution and partner festivals for all kind of cooperation, including joint events or promotions.

You agree to indemnify us and hold us and our employees, owners, affiliates, and partners harmless from all claims and liability associated with your participation or entry to the SHOTS.

Submission of an entry gives the festival permission to have accepted work exhibited, photographed, locally (partly) telecast for promotion purposes only.

Overall Rating
  • nika jurman

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    August 2023
  • hitesh liya

    Usually festivals are known for marketing, glamour, networking and red carpet events. Shots film festival is beyond these and is full of warmth, hospitality, life long bonding and cultural rootedness. The festival is located in the picturesque valleys of Slovenj Gradec ( regarded as the peace messenger city by the UN ) and the venue is an open air cinema which reminds you of scenes from the film ' Cinema paradiso '. They have a unique style of hosting the event and the award is given with a shot of local vine. If u want to explore short films through experiencing a rich local culture and make life long friends this is a must participate film festival. One of a kind.

    August 2023
  • Stefan Langthaler

    We've been invited to the SHOTS Film Festival for the second time (FABIU and BOOM AND BLOOM) and once again had an absolutely great festival experience there! Very strong programming, lovely people, big audience at a perfect location and many fun side events! Highly recommend to participate!! Thank you so much Tomo and your whole fantastic SHOTS Film Festival Team for the perfect organising and wonderful atmosphere!

    August 2022
  • Simon Schneckenburger

    Filmmaking is a d*** tough job sometimes. A thousand obstacles stand between you, the keen filmmaker and that miraculously good movie to be.
    But then filmmaking-life throws you a bone and your film is selected out of a myriad of good films, many of them a miracle in themselves, and you get invited to such a wonderful festival as SHOTS FILM FESTIVAL.
    Your film is screened in front of an attentive and giving audience of 700, in beautiful surroundings and you suddenly feel the appreciation you need to keep making films.
    A thousand thanks for these grand three days in Slovenia. The encounters, the fantastic food, the shots of schnapps (after all: it’s Shots Film Festival!).
    This was my best festival experience I've ever had. Really!
    You guys are crazy, in the best sense, insanely cordial and hospitable. Looking at you, Tomo, and every single member of this fantastic festival crew.
    I so hope we meet again.

    August 2022
  • Another year, another fantastic run. Organised by film buffs for ordinary crowds - it's always so hard to distribute short films, simply because the vast majority of audience aren't used to the form. But when you see 500 people viewing something you made on a beautiful outdoor (and technically flawless) projection, it's simply inspiring. The atmosphere the organisers create is warm and welcoming and I've never been to a festival where they take such care of you. This is how you do it.

    August 2022