3rd annual festival will take place

We focus on a wide variety of filmmakers, from beginner to Academy award winning. We have screened all varieties. We love bridging the gap between those who are just getting their feet wet with those who have skin in the game. Its a great way to help new filmmakers meet those with experience and build their connections. It's a great way for artists to be inspired and motivated to go out and create and tell new stories. Its a way to know that it is all possible with creativity and collaboration. We pride ourselves on being a festival that demonstrates these characteristics of creative unity.

We are sponsored by Princ Films, an International Distribution Representative, which makes our festival a great (one of the best) opportunities for independent film makers to have their work seen and optioned for international distribution representation at all of the major film markets around the world.

Skiptown Playhouse International Film Festival is a new festival that focuses on low (under 5 million budget) independent films in both short form and feature length. It is a great outlet for filmmakers from all over the world to showcase their work and be seen by distributors, producers, and other industry professionals working in Hollywood. And what better place to be located, than Hollywood itself!

The festival is run by the owner of Skiptown Productions, Vincenzo Carubia who also works in acquisitions for Princ Films. This festival is a great opportunity for filmmakers to have their work seen and showcased to industry professionals who have the potential to distribute their work at the major film markets around the world aka international sales distribution.

This year we added a screenwriting category.

Awards will be given to the following categories
Best Director
Best Editing
Best Wardrobe
Best Makeup
Best Special Effects
Best Production Design
Best Performance By a leading male
Best Performance By a leading female
Best Ensemble cast
Best Original Score
Best Supporting Actor (Male)
Best Supporting Actor (Female)
Best Original Screenplay
Best Cinematography
Best Documentary

Best Narrative Short Film
Best Director Short Film
Best Animated Short Film
Best Music Video
Best Web Series
Best Foreign Language Short Film
Best Experimental Short Film
Best LGBTQ+ Short Film
Best Actor in a Short Film
Best Actress in a Short Film

Audience Favorite (Short)
Audience Favorite (Feature)
Notable Student Film
New Filmmaker Award (For a first time filmmaker)

THE TARA LYNN PHILIPS RISING STAR AWARD for a new face making a splash in entertainment

Premiering at our festival is a beautiful thing! However it is not required. You can have screened at other festivals and won awards, that will not affect the selection of your film.
Films MUST be under 5 million in budget.
Films CANNOT have a completion date prior to 2017 to be considered.
Films may have some distribution attached to submit and be considered.
Films must be in the completed stages of production. Minor tweaks only.
Films must be completed with online screeners in order to be considered.
We will ONLY review online screeners at this time for review.
Any films not filmed in English must provide the proper English subtitles to be considered.
Press packages are only necessary after the selection process is completed.
You may submit a POSTER and / or TRAILER / SYNOPSIS / TALENT ROSTER with your film screener submission. It is encouraged but however not required and will not directly effect your chances of selection.

Submitters understand that by submitting they are not guaranteed selection into the festival and even if selected they are responsible for their own travel, lodging, and entrance into all screenings, receptions / etc.
Due to the limited size of the venue, filmmakers accepted into the festival will receive free entree into their own film screening as well as entry into opening and closing night parties.

We screen all of our selected films off of an EPSON HD projector and have upgraded sound system in place for screening with comfortable chairs for your viewing pleasure.

There are NO REFUNDS on any materials or submissions at any time.
All submissions are FINAL.

Please do not contact about the status of your project before the notification date. We will notify you on or within several days of said date.

The number one rule is that you come ready to mingle and have a great time!

Overall Rating
  • Edris Naseri

    Great in all ways. Thanks so much.

    January 2021
    Response from festival:

    Thank you so much for your wonderful review. We hope to continuing making our festival better and better each year.

  • ali jalali

    Thanks to Festival, Thanks to Vin 😍🌺❤

    November 2020
    Response from festival:

    Always a pleasure having your beautiful art and films Ali! <3

  • Good communication! Looking forward to join in for my next film!

    November 2020
    Response from festival:

    Thank. you so much!! it is so important to us at our festival that we create a totally fun, transparent, and exciting experience for independent filmmakers. We're so happy to see our dedication is noticed. We can't wait to share our event with you!

  • Clive Jackson

    Excellent Film Festival, great communication, good friendly approach to Filmmakers.

    November 2020
    Response from festival:

    Hey! Thank you soo much Clive for your awesome review. We're so excited to have our festival in June and meet as many of you guys as possible. I'm happy to hear my passion for independent film is noticed! :) I look forward to more of your work!!

  • Our film "Death Offers Life - last moments of Vincent Van Gogh" has been officially selected in Best Narrative & for Best Drama category for foreign film which is a great encouragement for us. The site shows that the winners would be announced in June 2021. We are waiting with crossed fingers.

    November 2020
    Response from festival:

    Thank you so much for bringing your film to us! It was such a joy to watch and we can't wait to have it play in front of an audience in June! It's been such a crazy year but we are doing our best to put together the BEST festival we can for all of our filmmakers :).