This is your chance to be seen!! Short Cuts is a Film Festival/Television program created to showcase videos created by high school students in Broward County Public Schools. This online festival (and corresponding television program) showcases a variety of video productions, including short films, short documentaries, comedic shorts, mock film trailers, music videos, animated shorts, commercial/psa's and cell phone creations. Chosen submissions will be aired on BECON-TV (WBEC TV), which broadcasts throughout all of South Florida.
Short Cuts will also offer seminars to help develop future filmmakers in the South Florida area.
View Short Cuts here:

All chosen submissions will be included in the Short Cuts Television show produced by BECON-TV. BECON-TV (WBEC TV) is a nonprofit, noncommercial television station owned by the School Board of Broward County with a potential audience of over 5.5 million people across the South Florida tri-county area.

The film’s director(s) must be in a Broward County high school or middle school while filming the project.
All films must have been finalized no earlier than 2016.
All music and other copyrighted material (images, videos, etc.) used in the films must be properly licensed and may not infringe on the copyright, trademark or other rights of any individual or company. BECON-TV will be able to assist in providing royalty free music if needed
Films must be appropriate for a high school television audience and no unnecessary use of profanity, sex, or violence is allowed.
Films must be submitted digitally and no physical copies are allowed.
A copy of your school ID must be attached to your submission.
You agree to give BECON-TV rights to broadcast your film (either on our website, Broadcast Channel or other video platform).