Welcome to the fifth annual Sault Film Festival held in Sault Ste. Marie, ON, Canada!
Why the Sault? We aim to create a community of independent filmmakers from Northern Ontario, creating an environment where we can celebrate independent film!
We will be holding screenings, networking and workshop events. The festival was created by Sault locals to support the local film industry in the Sault and in Northern Ontario. Festival is primarily open to filmmakers from Northern Ontario. New this year, there will be a limited number of selections outside the Northern criteria under our new category: Northern Hospitality.

Best Feature Film, Best Short Film, Best Student Film, Best Music Video, Best Documentary, Best Web Series, Northern Best of Northern Hospitality, Audience Choice Award

Film must be filmed in Northern Ontario (Parry Sound to Thunder Bay) or one of the key filmmakers must be from Northern Ontario.
You must have the rights and ownership of the film you submit.
All fees are non-refundable.
Student filmmakers are encouraged to apply but must live in, or be attending school in, Northern Ontario.
At the SFF Directors’ discretion, a number of submissions may be selected that fall outside the “Northern Ontario” parameters, under the new category, “Northern Hospitality”, these entries will be judged in their own category and screened in the appropriate block according to submission type.

All genres and formats are considered.

Overall Rating
  • Jennifer Weller

    I love that this fest shines a spotlight on the dynamic talent and creativity of Northern Ontario filmmakers. Northern Ontario deserves its own film festival, and the Sault Film Festival delivers! It was an honour to have my short film "The Best Man's Speech" included in the 2023 festival!

    Rebeka, Trish, and Kerrie are the powerhouse team behind the scenes. They did an amazing job running the festival and promoting the films. Beyond showcasing the selected films, the fest also includes excellent, informative workshops aimed at broadening filmmakers' knowledge.

    If you're a filmmaker from Northern Ontario, submit to the Sault Film Festival! You'll be happy you did!

    December 2023
  • Connor Kujawinski

    Very honored to have my film chosen as the Best Student Film of the 2022 fest! Unfortunately I was not able to join this year, but the virtual communication and hospitality from the festival, whether it be through e-mail or on Instagram is some of the best I've experienced from any festival! Would love to submit again next year as well as actually attend! Eager to see this festival grow!

    December 2022
  • Amir Zargara

    Thanks for having us :)

    December 2022
  • Frank DeMarco

    This was my first experience at a film festival and it was amazing. The workshops were extremely informative. I was able to meet some fantastic people and learned lots of tips moving forward!
    Congrats to a terrific weekend, very for next year!

    December 2022
  • Mark Brombacher

    Amazing festival in it's third year. I've had two films participate so far and hope to submit for the third year in a row. Great talent participating and amazing networking opportunity for film makers.

    March 2022