If My Film Makes One Person Miserable, I've Done My Job.
Sandip Was born in 1987, a small village (Tajpur) of Arambagh, Dist. Hooghly. Graduated from Calcutta University. Have no degree in filmmaking. He worked with a theatre group for 5yrs. Sandip has started work 2014 with his first short film. Always love to work on surreal subjects, drama, on true stories & human feelings. And he love to watch different kinds of film where he learn film making from. Sandip also a screenplay writer.He have finished five feature film script one of them is Hindi script those are arranged properly on my rack waiting & for an opportunity. He believe that film is a medium where people enjoy some time together. They find both their joys and sorrows. They identify with the subjects when they rebel and protest. It will always be the endeavor to try to make the kind of film where the lost and unwelcome voices of our world will also get to reach the people. That in itself his motivation.
PAHAL(Short Film) awarded list(2015)
1.Award Winner- Special Mention [IOFF International Film Festival 2016] Bangladesh.
2.Also selected a jury member from IOFF [ 4000+ films, 105 countries, 338 international juries].
3.Official selection AVIFF CANNES CATALOG 2016 France.
4.Official Finalist Med Film FEST July 2016 Italy.
5. Best Director Award from Med Film FEST
6.Official selection 13th Frames Film Festival 2016 Mumbai.
"SITA"(Short Film) Nomination & Award List(2016)
1. Best film MedFF film fest 2016.
2. Official selection iPhone film festival 2016.
3. Official selection Arte Non Stop Film festival 2016.
4. Official selection IndieWise Film Festival 2016.
5. Official selection Grand OFF Film Festival 2016.
6. Official Screening at South Asian Film Festival of Montréal - SAFFM during this year 2016.
7. Official selection Second Asia International Youth Film Festival China 2016.
8. Finalist in Los Angeles Cine Fest 2016
9. Diploma Participant from Kinosmena Short Film Festival 2016 BELARUS.
10. Officially Acknowledged San Francisco Film Society 2017.
11. Official Selection Marano Ragazzi Spot Festival 2016.
12. Silver Palms Award From ANSFF From Argentina 2016.
13. Official Selection Nile’s Diaspora International film Festival 2016.
14. Official Selection MedFF fest winter season 2016
15. Finalist in IndustryBOOST Competition 2016.
16. Official selection Festival de Cortometrajes "Jose Francisco Rosado" PACAS 2016.
17. Official selection velcom Smartfilm 2016.
Los Angeles Cine Fest 2016
Los Angeles
Best Film
MedFF Film Fest 2017
Nominated In Academy Qualify Film Festival 2017
Shorts & Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2017
Silver Palms Award
Silver Palms Award From ANSFF From Argentina 2016.
Birth Date
November 23, 1987
Current City
Eye Color
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To Make A Great Film You Need Three Things -The Script ,The Script And The Script...
If My Film Makes One Person Miserable, I've Done My Job.
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