feminist father & filmmaker
Short Bio:
Born in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Saiful wadud helal began his career as a journalist in Montreal, Canada. After receiving diploma in Film and Television production from Montreal, he start working in the TV industry as a program director & editor. Between 1999 and 2008, he wrote, produced, short films, TV Magazines, commercials and music videos for various channels in Canada and abroad. Presently working as an independent documentary filmmaker.
"BISHWSHER RONG" (2005) Premiered at Montreal world film festival, Canada 2005
"CINEMANIA" (2009) Premiered @ Dhaka International Film Festival, Bangladesh 2010
ANIKA'S HOME (2010) Premiered @ MASALA! MEHENDI! MASTI'S FILMI (South Asian Film Fest, Toronto), Canada 2010
Aparajeyo Bangla (2011) Winner! Best director award at the International Documentary Film Festival, Bangladesh 2012 ( www.facebook.com/AparajeyoBanglaDocumentary )
Bangladesh's Ridoy (2013). Premiered at Montreal world film festival, Canada 2014 ( www.facebook.com/bdridoy )
Jholmolia - The Sacred Water(2016) Winner! Best documentary award at the Dhaka Short & Independent Film Festival, Bangladesh 2016 ( www.facebook.com/jholmolia/ )
Work in progress: Documentary: Beyond All The Colours (2019-2020) Winner! City of Ottawa Creation and Production Fund ( www.facebook.com/BeyondAllTheColours/ )
feminist father & filmmaker