Summoning filmmakers, digital artists, programmers and developers to a contest out of this dimension.

Celebrating the fourth edition and first decade of the Sacalacalaca festival, we are pleased to announce our declassified project codename: VR-RV - HEXAUR, the first mobile interdimensional portal on planet Earth.

HEXAUR is a system capable of processing and transmitting out-of-body experiences that will take the selected shorts on tour through Mexico City.

Sacalacalaca® is a point of gathering, diffusion and exhibition for indie authors and emerging artists around the world interested in the making or specialized in horror and science fiction genres. Direct, produce, and enroll an original horror/sci-fi short-film to win professional filmmaking equipment, scholarships, and other prizes. All the projects will be exhibited in the third Interdimensional Horror & Sci-Fi Festival Sacalacalaca 2023 within different dates and locations the next october/november in México City.

The prizes for 1rst Place for the [V360/VSTEREO][FICTION][ANIMATION] and [EXE] categories will be announced throughout the year.

Second Place for each category:
1x INDIe filmschool scholarship with a value of $5,000.00+ USD
(Not tradeable for money)


1.- There is no restriction on the nationality, sex or age of the participants.
2.- Each contestant may register a maximum of 3 works in one or different categories.
3.- DURATION Minimum: 1 minute, maximum: 21 minutes. Not counting end credits.
4.- Original SCRIPT by the author or authors of the work, if adapted, reference the original source.
HORROR - SUBGEN: Thriller, Slasher, Cosmic, Folk, Body, Gore/Splatter, Suspense, Surreal, Giallo, Exploitation, Cannibal, Mondo, etc.
SCI-FI - SUBGEN: Dystopia, Cyberpunk, Space Opera, Uchronic, Steampunk,
Space Western, etc.
FANTASTIC - SUBGEN: Heroic, Erotic, Epic, Dark, Urban, Scientific, etc.


A. VR: Virtual Reality

-V360/VSTEREO: Stereoscopic or spherical projection video.
Also works filmed with 360 cameras or fisheye.

-.EXE (Software, Executable Program):
They may participate in works developed with game engines:
Or 3d creation software: MAYA, 3DMAX, HOUDINI, MODO, BLENDER, etc.
Allowed languages: C++, C#, Java, Python, actionscript, php.
Designed to run with virtual reality headsets [HMDs].
Compiled into an executable file [.exe],
Operating Systems [Linux, Windows], without installer.
Include dependencies and documentation.

B. CINEMA (2D, 3D Anaglyphic): Contraction of the ancient Greek kinema: "movement", term designated to the illusion of life in still photographs, projected in succession at regular intervals on a reflective and rectangular screen.
Magnetic Tape, Film (8mm, 16mm, 35mm, Super), Digital...
All means of filming are valid.

-SHORT FILM Films from 1 to 21 minutes.
-VIDEO CLIP Music video. Original music or with consensus of the artist.
-EXPERIMENTAL Unconventional techniques and production methods.


A. FICTION Films that represent facts in a fictitious way.

B. ANIMATION From the Latin animatio, which comes from anima: "breath".
Like cinema, animation comes to life with the succession of drawings or other inanimate objects. Some of the better known techniques are:

- STOP-MOTION: Photographic succession of slight changes on inanimate objects to give them the illusion of live movement.
- CLAYMATION: Stop-motion of objects made from malleable materials (such as clay, dough, and other polymers).
- PIXILATION: Stop-Motion technique were live actors are used as frame-by-frame subjects.
- TRADITIONAL: A photographed succession of drawings on paper and cellulose.
- 3D/CGI: Computer generated objects, animated through specialized software (modo, 3dmax, Maya, etc).
- INTERPOLATED ROTOSCOPING: Technique in which the animation is achieved drawing over film or video.
- CUT-OUT: Animation done with cut outs of flat materials such as paper.
-PROCEDURAL: Type of computer animation, used to automatically generate animation in real-time to allow for a more diverse series of actions than could otherwise be created using predefined animations.

For the convenience of the contestants, the registration of the works may be done in the following ways:

A. Official FilmFreeway PORTAL.
Recommended for CINEMA subcategories. (In English).

Deliveries through wetransfer must include the registration form in .pdf or bitmap and the work in digital video format: .mov or .mpeg with a maximum weight of 2Gb. Along with photography and description of the creators.

C. PHYSICAL DELIVERY Works by physical delivery must be sent by postal mail or delivered directly to the address:

Centro de Estudios Cinematográficos INDIe A.C.
A San Pablo #2501, San Andrés Ahuayucan
16810, Xochimilco, Ciudad de México.
Tels: 01 (55) 5548-2997/2998/5232

Works registered by postal mail do not pay a registration fee.

Recommended formats: Cassette, DVD, Blu-Ray, Flash Drive (USB Memory).

9.- SELECTION Due to the nature of the installation, priority will be given to animation, stereoscopic works, with spatial sound and original music and script.

10.- JURY. The identity of the incarnations of the four horsemen will be revealed throughout the year.

11.- DATES
A. DEATHLINE. The deadline for receiving short films will be the
Friday October 13, 2023 before midnight.
B. FESTIVAL. October 31, November 1 and 2, 2023.

The production of the work may not be prior to the year 2019.
Works that have been exhibited at other festivals will be accepted, however, exhibition preference will be given to unpublished works. Works in versions prior to the final treatment may compete as Work in Progress (WIP) as long as the final version is sent before the registration deadline.

12.- SPATIAL LOCALIZATION. Mexico City. The exact place and landing dates of the HEXAUR will be published on the festival networks after the registration deadline.

13.- ENTRY FEE: $9 us

14. - PRIZES. The first place prizes for the VIDEO360/VSTEREO, FICTION, ANIMATION and .EXE categories will be announced throughout the year.

First place for each category wins 1x TRANSFERABLE INDIE SCHOLARSHIP
The INDIe Transferable Scholarship consists of a full scholarship to study at the Centro de Estudios Cinematográficos INDIe, film school in Mexico City, which can be claimed by the winner or a third party of their choice.

As a student, you will have access to the facilities and filming equipment for the
shortfilms within the career. Does not include travel expenses or accommodation. Not exchangeable for money.

- Categories and genres DO NOT include any unstaged physical violence of any type.

General Director Juan Blanco V.

Overall Rating
  • anton dushkin

    Спасибо вам! Было приятно поучавствовать!)

    November 2023
  • Great team, smooth communication and amazing films. Thanks for having my short this year. Oh and as a metalhead the festival logo is really awesome!

    November 2023
  • Un festival increíble con una gran energía en un entorno precioso. Personal amable, servicial y muy profesional. Fue un gran placer participar con mi IVI ELV

    November 2023
  • Unfortunately I couldn't be there in person, but I appreciated the unique aesthetic and selection of this festival and the fact that they provided some glimpses of the event via social media. Thanks for having me and hope to attend in a future year!

    November 2023
  • Tim Luna

    This was one of those festivals where communication is a foreign word. Despite multiple inquiries (e-mail) when and on which day our short film will be shown, no answer. The official notification date came two weeks after the end of the festival. Not that I don't appreciate the concept of mixing art, music and film. But that's not how it works.

    March 2022
    Response from festival:

    Hello Tim, sorry about the inconvenience, this festival was summoned, curated and administrated by one organizer, sometimes the web work is overwhelming but I'm doing my best to grow the organization team for this year! We'll be improving, just give us a little patience.