This festival focuses on the poetics of nature and environment, and takes place annually in Copenhagen, Denmark (with headquarters in Sweden and Finland for smaller features) as well as an online festival which is of free access at during the festival dates.

The Organizers:

The Poetic Phonotheque started in 2020 as an audio collection of poetry from all over the world which now counts with over 500 adiovisual poems in all languages and an international permanent collection of poetry films. The Poetic Phonotheque is managed by Red Door Gallery in Copenhagen, which also counts with its own magazine since 2009.

In 2021, Kulturhuset Islands Brygge (Copenhagen, Denmark) became the official home of the Poetic Phonotheque, to house its audio collection and launched a second round of poetry open calls to collect audio poetry recordings in every language with the theme of climate, sustainability, nature, and our planet's preservation as the focus.

In 2021, Kultivera, a cultural organization in the city of Tranås, Sweden, also became headquarters of the Phonotheque for that country.

In 2022, the screening location of the festival was Husets Biograf, a cultural centre located at Rådhusstræ 13 in central Copenhagen, Denmark.

In 2023, Bokens Hus, in Turku, Finland, joins the team as Finnish headquarters, collaborators and mapping team.

We invite you to submit your films on this important subject, whether they're animation, short film, poetry film, experimental, or documentaries. A focus on the THEME of STRUCTURES & ORGANISMS is encouraged.

Poetry films are invited to remain as part of the permanent video collection of the Poetic Phonotheque.

-ALL the films in the POETRY FILMS category (if selected) will be added to the permanent collection of the Poetic Phonotheque and screened in the various headquarters of the Poetic Phonotheque in Denmark, Finland and Sweden. (As well as wherever the Poetic Phonotheque is being featured / exhibited).

By submitting your poetry film, you agree for it to be placed in the permanent collection. (This does not apply to films in other categories, which are only screened during the festival and then discarded).

We're looking for films of a cultural nature with a focus on environmental conservation, nature, appreciation to our planet... and with a poetic angle.

The poetry videos submitted will be also added to the Poetic Phonotheque, an online archive that aims to document the poetry being created all around the world, and by default the contemporary voices, concerns, dreams and connections between our communities.

--->Minority voices, Indigenous communities, neurodivergent creators and members of the LGBTQ+ community are always encouraged to share their work, voice, dreams and projects with us, so as to be directly represented, rather than having others speak for you, that which you can speak of with better clarity: Your OWN story.

Absolutely no homophobia, racism, sexism or any discriminating messages. This is a festival of inclusion, tolerance and support for our communities, which aims to create awareness, entertain, and inspire the public. Our goal is to connect and be moved by the poetics of humanity and our planet.

Overall Rating
  • Rita Anttila

    Much thanks for including our film Nightwood in the excellent Xperimental 23 -selection. I enjoyed all the films online. My wish for the world is there would be more festivals like yours. All the best for the next editions of the festival!

    December 2023
  • Юлія Печенізька

    I am so so happy to be selected! Thank you!!!

    December 2022
  • Natalia Gaia

    I could watch and enjoy all the official selection online, good plus.

    December 2022
  • Piret Sigus

    Thank you for selecting and screening The Turnip!

    December 2022
  • This was a great film festival! I'm honored to have one of my poetry films featured for 2022, and I'm looking forward to keeping up with this unique festival's offerings in the years to come. Thank you to the organizers and other filmmakers!

    December 2022