South Coast Phoenix Film Festival has set out to support the film industry and nurture the future of British cinema by offering a seaside weekend of film screenings, panels, workshops and networking! Unlike fringe festivals or events designed to cater to general movie-fan audiences, we're creating a hub for established industry professionals, filmmakers young in their careers and all the directors, producers, actors and talent in between from all over the world; a melting pot with the perfect balance of echelon.

We're excited to give the world's next generation of filmmakers the opportunity to show off their best work and take their careers a step closer to the silver screen whilst developing new skills and meeting other people.

The South Coast Phoenix Film Festival award ceremony will showcase the best, will many different awards.

There is no premiere policy at the South Coast Phoenix Film Festival. Your film will be considered even if it has been previously released online or at another film festival.

It is your responsibility to make sure that you enter your film into the correct category and select the appropriate submission fee option. Please read category and fee option descriptions carefully before submitting.

If a submission is entered into the wrong category or the wrong fees are paid, you may have to pay an uplift to the correct category or fee option otherwise the film may be disqualified.

South Coast Phoenix Film Festival Ltd will not refund any overpayments as a result of selecting the wrong category or fee option.

To be considered for entry to the South Coast Phoenix Film Festival, your film must have been completed no earlier than 12 months prior to the initial call for entries.

To be considered for entry to the South Coast Phoenix Film Festival, you must be able to present valid documents which provide the necessary releases, licenses and authorizations to exhibit the completed film in the public domain. This includes release forms from on-screen talent, locations, music licenses, etc. We suggest that you discuss these documents with an entertainment lawyer.

South Coast Phoenix Film Festival Ltd will not be responsible or held accountable for legal action taken against you, the filmmaker/distribution agent, for releasing a film to the public domain without the required and valid documentation.

If your film is accepted for screening at South Coast Phoenix Film Festival, you will receive two standard entry tickets which entitle you to unlimited screenings and access to the networking hall.

South Coast Phoenix Film Festival Ltd will have the right to reproduce and publish any and all materials from the Electronic Press Kit (EPK) sent with your film. These materials will be used to advertise your film's inclusion at the film festival in any way considered appropriate by the festival organisers. Copyright of any materials will remain with the original copyright holder.

South Coast Phoenix Film Festival Ltd reserves the right to make omissions, additions and alterations to these terms and conditions at any time.

Subject to the terms and conditions, all films submitted will be considered for inclusion in the festival programme. Inclusion is at the discretion of the festival judges.

South Coast Phoenix Film Festival Ltd will not offer any refunds for entries which are not included in the final programme, nor will it be liable to offer any form of compensation for loss of reputation or income of the submitter or the filmmakers as a result of non-inclusion.

All submissions and payments are handled by FilmFreeway and their nominated partners. South Coast Phoenix Film Festival Ltd will not retain any personal or private details given through the submission process.