I don't worry about tired formulas or what everyone else is doing. I endeavor to craft original, high-quality and God forbid, entertaining stories.
The Script Gymnasium
    Phillip E. Hardy is creative maverick, who can craft compelling stories in every genre. He is a ten time optioned screenwriter, who is currently having four projects shopped by producers including Shaun O’Banion, Richard Clark Jr, Sean Hoessli and has signed a shopping agreement with de Passe Jones Entertainment. His work has been in front of Tyler Perry Studios, Paramount Studios, Ridley Scott, Martin Scorsese, William Morris Endeavor and many others. He has placed and won over a hundred film festivals and contests including Page International, Austin Film Festival, Cannes Screenplay, Shore Scripts, Screencraft, Beverly Hills Film Festival and Harlem International Film Festival. Phillip has obtained a bachelor of science in business management, a master of management and is a Stanford University Certified Project Manager.
    • Writer (13 Credits)
      Dirty Real, The Bukowski Biopic
      Four Negro Girls in a Church
      Gaze Towards Infinity
      Harry The Hydrant (A Big Apple Fairy Tale)
      Last Rumba
      Television Script
      Purgatory Station
      The Bloody Benders
      The Invader
      The Life and Times of George Bailey
      The Negro League
      The Trials Of Angela Davis
      Unconventional Warfare
    • Director (1 Credit)
      The Immortal Jack the Ripper
    Quarter-finalists "Best Pilot"
    Shore Screenplay Contest
    United Kingdom
    Gold Medal, Best Thriller
    Gaze Towards Infinity
    Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest
    Beverly Hills CA
    Stanford University
    Project Management
    Univesity of Redlands
    Master of Management
    Birth City
    Current City
    Los Angeles
    Heinz 57
    Eye Color
    Zodiac Sign
    Married To
    Kelly Hardy
    1. If you’re a delicate, sensitive woodland creature, then scriptwriting isn’t for you.
    2. Don’t tell anyone “this is your first script.” But don’t think you’ll set the world on fire by writing one script.
    3. Learn to suck up constant rejection. Never spend more than a few hours wallowing in rejection or failure. Remember, opinions are like assholes, everyone has one. With each setback, learn how to sally forth with renewed vigor.
    4. The best cure for rejection is writing; particularly if it’s better writing.
    5. Sometimes a script just sucks. Everyone thinks they have a great idea for a script. More often than not, they’re wrong.
    6. Sometimes a script just sucks, no matter how many times you rewrite it. Therefore, don’t attach yourself to any one effort too much. It may take writing twenty scripts before you find something that really resonates with readers.
    7. If you see writing scripts as a path to riches and fame, you may wish to consider other options.
    8. There ain’t no such thing as writers block. There are only writers that write and ones that don’t. Look at Bukowski. Drunk or sober, he did great work every day of his life.
    9. Writers who build relationships, maintain their humility and help their colleagues will do better than ones who don’t.
    10. If you keep losing script contests, then write better scripts until you win one.
    11. Read books, take classes, seminars, and good advice about scriptwriting and then march to your own creative drummer. If I listened to every asshole who told me I couldn’t do something, I’d never accomplish anything.
    12. Don’t write something because you think it will have commercial appeal. Write something you believe in.
    13. Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing. Endeavor to be an original.
    14. Don’t ever rest on your laurels or laurel leaves. Keep writing until it becomes second nature to you; and you can produce even under adverse or stressful conditions. You may one day have a job that presents you with just that set of conditions.
    I don't worry about tired formulas or what everyone else is doing. I endeavor to craft original, high-quality and God forbid, entertaining stories.
    The Script Gymnasium