This film festival’s fourth edition will be held in 2023 in Turin’s oldest Cinema, where the
10 finalist’s works will be screened and cash prizes will be given from our professional jury composed by longtime Director of Photography Mauro Marchetti who worked in productions such as "Last Waltz in Paris" and "Apocalypse Now" and other directors and cinema personalities, to the three winners. The other finalists will receive an original certification of partecipation.

RELATIONS are the theme of the fourth edition of the International Film Festival perCORTI DI VITA.
They have always been the center of every individual’s life, they can condition and often establish choices.
Sometimes they are healthy, productive and exciting, sometimes they poison, alienate and build walls.
Relations are not only between individuals but also with yourself: emotions, food, hidden impulses, society, judgment and prejudice.
Everything in the universe is related.
With their works filmmakers and screenwriters have the opportunity to meet and express the topic in all its forms and dimensions, even opening or suggesting new scenarios.

Our aim is to share life stories through the way of communication that only Cinema can deliver. Doing so, we hope to increase visibility to this magnificent art by knowing, recognize and suport and meeting as many authors as possible, from around the world.

- First short movie winner: cash prize;

- Second short movie winner: cash prize;

- Audience Award: cash prize

The competition is addressed to authors of short films and authors of screenplays of short films: does not place restrictions of nationality, age, profession, gender, religious belief, sexual orientation.
In case of subscription from an author younger than 18 years old, it will be required to show the organization a document signed from a parent or a legal guardian.

Works will be selected according to the following criterias:
relevance to the theme and objectives of the International Film Festival perCORTI DI VITA;
originality and narrative of the work in bringing out the topic;
video language innovation and creativity;
technique used.

The short films must not exceed a maximum of 20 minutes (including opening and closing credits), The works may belong to any kind of nature (fiction, documentary, abstract, animation, experimental, etc…).
Each author of both categories can send no more than three works: at the final phase will be admitted only one work for each author.

In order to participate at the competition it is necessary to read the terms and conditions and it is compulsory to fill in all their parts the application form and consent form.

A contribution of 25 € is expected as a reimbursement of expenses for Festival administrations. (art. 6 comma 1, lettera a) del d.P.R. 26 ottobre 2001 n. 430).

The short films must also be made available to the organization in digital format, loading the files in the website provided by the organization itself.

The formats accepted for the short films are: mp4 files (Codec audio: AAC-LC, codec video: H.264, framerate: maximum quality).

Short films in languages other than Italian must have subtitles in English or Italian.
Registration implies full acceptance of the Regulations.

Creations will not be returned and will become part of the Archive of the International Film Festival perCORTI DI VITA.

The organization reserves the right to amend the Terms and conditions for reasons of force majeure or to make improvements, giving proper notice on the website of the event.

The works submitted and presented in the competition remain the property of the authors who agree, however, to their free use for unlimited time by the International Film Festival perCORTI DI VITA for their broadcasting through television circuits, on the web, with projections on the territory, in video catalogs, in-depth meetings, retrospectives, thematic exhibitions, etc… This implies the authorization of the organizers of the Festival to disseminate and make available to the public – through its website and by any other means or other known form – the works without any compensation due to the authors (copyright will remain to the author).

The sending of photographic and/or informational material (scene photos, author’s photos, bio-filmography, synopsis, author’s statements, posters, etc.) relating to the submitted works, implies, furthermore, permission to the organizers of the Festival to disseminate and make available to the public images and information related to the mentioned material (copyright will remain to the author).

The organization of the International Film Festival perCORTI DI VITA assumes no responsibility for any theft, loss or damage to the works.

The organization reserves the right to postpone/cancel the event in case the minimum number of participants is not reached and not to award any prize in case the jury does not find a minimum level of quality in the submitted works.

Full "Rules and Terms" on our website

Overall Rating
  • Très bon Festival avec des organisateurs à l'écoute et très professionnels. Un Festival que je recommande à mes amis cinéastes.

    May 2023