To each his own truth and way of looking
Self-taught Paule Muxel, learned the trade from experienced technicians in the world of cinema. In particular, she worked on the last location scouting for a project by Robert Bresson, and with the directors of photography Caroline Champetier and Agnès Godard, Jean Pierre Laforce on the mixing.
Paule will direct several short films and distinguish herself with her co-director Bertrand de Solliers “What are you doing there? on a painting by Jean Charles Blais, an 8-minute short film, awarded at the Center Georges Pompidou International Art Film Festival.
Then comes a series in short format (1 to 2 minutes) around certain sculptures from the Louvre Museum: Psyche, Prometheus, The genius of history, The rebel slave, Zephyr, The resurrection, Portrait of a woman...
The idea is to give, thanks to the illusion of cinema, an appearance of movement to the sculpture.
During this same period at the Louvre, she carried out photographic work, which today has taken the form of an editorial project.
In 1991, she signed "Germain Pilon or buried desire", a short film produced at the Louvre Museum and the Saint Denis Basilica lasting 14 minutes which received the CNC Quality Prize and the prize for best documentary at the Fifart from Lausanne in 1992. The film is a dive into the world of Germain Pilon, sculptor protected by Catherine de Medici, representative of the orders of political power in the 16th century and their relationship to death.In 1993, she completed a long-term project with her co-director Bertrand de Solliers “Stories around madness”. This award-winning work is the culmination of three years of meetings, interviews and impregnation of the premises. A work over time that allows the two directors to capture the memory through experience, to collect it from many witnesses, crossing the points of view, both those of the caregivers, of different staff of the hospital establishment of City -Evrard and those of the patients.
On the strength of this experience, they will deal with serious subjects such as AIDS with the same authenticity, with a documentary trilogy from 1993 to 1995, of which the film "Paroles de l'un à l'autre" gives patients a voice for the first time, some close to death.
They also tackle ethnological aspects with "dream catcher" in 1997.
In 2002, "Les Héritiers" was shot in Auvergne, six years after it was written and for 4 years at the same time as "Last year in Vichy", the last memoirs of people who lived through wartime in Vichy during the period of Pétain's government.
"Philippe Pétain" is then filmed in 7 different countries, then "The world according to Michelin", "Excellence and doubt" still in Auvergne, "In the head of the policeman", and finally "Le Grand Vichy" which traces the social and artistic life of the spa town at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century.All projects are often linked to encounters, and she often questions memory, considering it as a multiple and moving matter like societies and individuals caught up in their experience. Added to this is its emotional dimension and its political side, particularly addressed in "Les Carnets de Josée Laval", the last film related to the Second World War, in a fiction-documentary mode based on the diaries of Pierre Laval's daughter. .
This is followed by “Terrain Mineurs” in the context of the care of minors at the Paris Tribunal de Grande Instance, and “What am I doing here! in connection with a psychiatric crisis unit in Brussels.
She knows how to offer her subjects a timeless dimension as well as a universal value, leaving a part of chance and intuition to the themes she tackles.
The majority of productions relate to documentaries. However, fiction is not excluded, as evidenced by the film "Clandestino" which deals with childhood and exile in times of war, and the last which isolates the crisis of a couple in the head of a woman who relives all her love failures while renovating an apartment.
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To each his own truth and way of looking
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