Paris Shark Fest is the first international film festival exclusively devoted to sharks ! We’re on a mission : to promote environmental awareness and to carry out projects to improve sharks’ protection. But we’re also convinced that the human being shouldn’t ignore his deepest, instinctive fears. Shark movies serve as a cathartic exercise to encourage viewers to do away with their popular misconceptions. Militant documentaries or shark thrillers, neither is absolute, nor are they mutually exclusive. These movies raise awarness. Sharks are important, we must fight to save them and celebrate them in all their forms.
For 3 days, Paris Shark Fest will come up with world premieres, French advanced screenings, exclusive contents, guests, conferences and exhibition booths (from ecotourism and marine conservation to Sharksploitation collectibles and sci-fi movies). Are you ready for the dive of your life?

For feature films : Audience award, Jury award and Discovery award.

Entries must be original works. Entrant must have legal rights to film. Entrant gives permission to PSF to exhibit film with no royalties expected. By entering film into consideration you give the Paris Shark Fest permission to use screen grabs, clips, or trailers for promotional use. Documentary features are greatly appreciated as long as they're about sharks. Fiction features must be of a horror, thriller or science fiction nature. Entry does not guarantee a spot in the final program. Each film will be reviewed and each filmmaker will receive feedback if requested. Entry fees are non refundable. No waivers will be granted.

Overall Rating
  • They make a great deal of noise about this festival
    To involve people then only really promote the main films and provide little for anyone else entering.

    September 2022