OutReels is a volunteer-run organization that seeks to enlighten, educate, and entertain the community through the exhibition and discussion of LGBT-themed films.

The 2024 Film Festival is set for November in Cincinnati. In its first decade, the festival has had sold out its sessions with actors, producers, directors and guests attending from California, New York, Tennessee, Georgia, Illinois and around the country. This year we will have three days, showcasing more than 20 short and feature films from around the world.

1. OutReels Cincinnati is not responsible for any lost, damaged, or stolen items, including films in any medium, while en-route or in our possession, on or off of festival grounds.

2. All fees are non-transferable and non-refundable.

3. OutReels Cincinnati retains the right to accept or decline any film, and will notify filmmakers by the stated date.

4. Cash prizes are TBD, and are not set or exact figures and may vary, contact OutReels Cincinnati for current prize listings.

5. The applicant is responsible for clearing all rights to the content of the film prior to exhibition. 5a) Applicant claims all liability and damages in relation to any screening of Applicant's submission to which Applicant does not hold complete rights to its content. 5b) Festival does accept "works in progress" for consideration of acceptance to the Festival which may have "temp audio" or other elements which the Applicant has yet to clear, however, all rights to all elements MUST be cleared prior to screening. 5c) Applicant MUST notify Festival in writing, at the time of submission, if a project being submitted is a "work in progress", and note each specific element to which the Applicant does not yet own the rights.

6. Applicant grants OutReels Cincinnati the right to use excerpts from accepted films including audio, video, names and images to promote the festival.

7. Applicant agrees that he/she is authorized to submit the film, being the sole rights-holder or authorized representative thereof, and understands that by submitting to the festival, the rights-holder allows the OutReels Cincinnati to screen the submitted work, in full, at the 2016 film festival without further communication or approval.

8. Applicant permits the Festival to retain one or more copies of Applicant's film for use in the Festival Library which may be accessed by the public following each years festival. Note: You may choose to opt-out of this paragraph by sending a written request with your submission. The festival will still retain a copy of your film, but it will not be made available to the general public.

9. Applicant permits the festival to make up to two (2) additional DVD copies of Applicants film for use by Festival Staff & Associates to facilitate the pre-screening process.

10. Applicant agrees to allow the Festival to release Applicants included contact information and screener copy to Distribution Partners of the festival for consideration, and that such partners may contact the applicant directly via the provided contact information in order to discuss or close a distribution deal, with the understanding that Applicant is under no obligation to accept any offered deal. Note: You may choose to opt-out of this paragraph by sending a written request with your submission.

Overall Rating
  • John Lincoln

    This was a fun and Great Festival!

    October 2023
  • Liam O'Connor-Genereaux

    Really wonderful festival, excellent experience. David made us feel incredibly welcome. We were able to network with other filmmakers, get tips on how best to enjoy Cincinnati, meet the whole festival board, and enjoy some really good films. The audiences were passionate and all in all it just felt like a really warm time. Best of luck with 2023, hopefully we can come back sometime down the road!

    December 2022
  • I screened at OutReels Cincinnati for the first time this year, and don't have enough good things to say about it! The passion and attention to detail of the team that runs it really showed through. Great communication and hospitality from the organizers, cool venue and engaged audiences (especially if you're doing Q&A), and thoughtful film pairings. Definitely worth the entry fee!

    December 2019
  • Kathryn L Beranich

    OutReels Cincinnati was wonderful from beginning to end. David, Chuck and the rest of the organizers could not have been more accommodating. I had a lovely time, made new friends and even ate goetta... a couple of bites anyway!

    November 2019
  • Elizabeth Littlejohn

    A wonderful festival with great hospitality.

    September 2019