The Films Infest festival is Official Event in IMDB. The prizes of the editions of Mallorca and NYC are officially recognized.

All films submitted are considered equally and carefully, through a multiple-stage prescreening process involving as well as industry professionals.

About Us

The New York City International Films Infest Festival (NYCIFIF) is an extension of the Palma de Mallorca Films Infest.

NYCIFIF’s mission is to showcase the content of emerging and of great artists filmmaking talent de U.S, Spanish, Ibero-American and other countries of the world.

Films of all genres are accepted and those chosen for screening display a high-level of artistic excellence.

Artistic Manifesto

In the first edition of “Palma de Mallorca Films Infest”, which was held on January 28, 2017, the great actress Claudia Cardinale signed our artistic manifesto to stimulate the growth of author`s cinema and support for young filmmakers

Excerpt from the manifesto:

It is undeniable that we must start with a natural talent, the best possible preparation and a great vocation; but the solitary effort becomes as depilating as the exhaustion of the castaway. If no one gives you a hand, a support, an advice or an opportunity … you end up abandoning.

Quite contrary to wanting a” greenhouse of chosen ones”, with docile filmmakers in the service of local corporations, or TV channels, to make “tailor made” products (frozen vegetables, all the same), we invoke the great George Orwell in “Animal Farm” and we want a “Rebellion in the orchard”

We want fresh cultural products, with their own roots, different perfumes, flavors from each shore and each sea. Mountain air and the unmistakable aroma of truth that shines in the sun. Truths written, painted, filmed, recorded, and narrated … without fear: tall as sequoias or delicate as a saffron stamen. An art that has seeds! A seed culture that enlightens minds.

Read the Complete Manifesto in

In the editions of the NYCIFIF, we will also read the manifesto and take the signature book.

Previous editions;

First Edition 2018 (Cinepolis) and (Producers Club)
Second Edition 2019 (Lincon Center) and (Producers Club)
Third Edition 2022 (La Nacional) and (Producers Club)
Fourth edition 2023 (La Nacional) and (Producers Club)

Awards and Prizes

At the Festival Ceremony we will deliver the prizes to the finalists.

– Trophy "Best Fiction Feature Film" (International, USA, Spain, Balearic Islands, Latin America)

– “Best Animated Feature Film” Trophy

– “Best Documentary Feature” Trophy

– “Best Experimental Feature Film” Trophy

– "Best Music Video" Trophy

– Trophy "Best Fiction Short Film" (International, USA, Spain, Balearic Islands, Latin America)

– “Best Animated Short Film” Trophy

– “Best Documentary Short Film” Trophy

– “Best Experimental Short Film” Trophy

– Additional trophies in other categories

– Special mentions

Rules & Terms

1.0- Fiction films, animation, documentary and experimental of any genre and subject are welcome. Both short subject and feature.

1.1- The scope of the competition is international. An open competition with works of any country in the world produced from January 1st 2013 onwards.

1.2- Films may be submitted in any language but films that are not in English must be accompanied with English subtitles.

1.3- Optionally, we invite the films presented with dialogues in English to be presented with subtitles in Spanish for our Latino audience.

1.4.- The content must be submitted by a creator/producer aged 18 or older.

1.5.- Multiple projects may be submitted for consideration provided that an additional submission fee is paid for each entry.

1.6.- All submitters must submit their content to NYC Films Infest through our festival registration platforms listed in the Film Submissions section of our website.

1.7.- All submission fees are non-refundable.

1.8.- Submitting does not guarantee your film as an Official Selection of NYC Films Infest 2023.Submitting your film does not guarantee festival acceptance or screening. Acceptance by the festival does not guarantee award or prize. Submission fees are nonrefundable. We reserve the right to program films at our sole discretion.

1.9.- The submitter must have obtained legal copyright to publicly screen their submitted content and all intellectual property contained therein including, but not limited to, music, lyrics, written work, photos, video content, artwork, and media excerpts.

1.10.- By submitting your content, you represent that you have acquired all legal rights to publicly screen all content within your submission.

Official Selection

2.0- If your film has been officially selected, you agree to provide us with a poster or promotional images and/or stills, as well as a logline and/or synopsis, for promotional purposes.

2.1.- If your film has been officially selected, you agree that we are permitted to use excerpts from the film, up to a maximum of 30 seconds, worldwide, for promotional purposes.

2.2.- If a submitter’s content is selected, a Notice of Official Selection shall be emailed to the to the email address provided by the submitter in their ficha de registro on the notification date.

2.3.- Announcements identifying the Official Selections will be posted online on the NYC Films Infest website and social media channels.

2.4.- We do not return any materials submitted.


3.0.- Failure to meet the eligibility requirements will lead to disqualification.

3.1.- Disqualification will not entitle a submitter to a refund of the submission fee.

3.2.- If you withdraw your film from the festival, we will not be liable to refund any submission fee.


4.0- Film programming and screening times are at the sole discretion of the festival.

4.1- Optionally the films of the “Official Selection” that are not screened in theaters, will be released on our streaming platform during the week of the festival’s celebration. The public will have to register privately on the platform to be able to watch the films safely. The online screening will be voluntary on the part of the filmmaker.

Awards & Prizes

5.0 At the festival Ceremony we will present the awards to the finalists.

Rules & Terms

6.0- Participation in the Festival implies acceptance of these rules.

6.1- Any new issues or changes arising during the Festival and is not covered by this regulation will be decided by the Organization after informing the authors of the works involved.

Overall Rating
  • Festival avec une activité intéressante. Merci pour sa curiosité.

    November 2023
  • I was delighted and honored that my animated film "Switcho" was a finalist in the 2023 NYCIFIF. I was unable to attend in person, but the communication and overall experience was outstanding. Thank you for creating this amazing festival and for supporting independent filmmaking!

    November 2023
  • Ferran Bex

    Fantastic festival that shows cinema from all over the world and take care of the creators.

    November 2023
  • Addy Ghani

    Well organized festival! thank you

    November 2023
  • One of the most fun award ceremonies that I’ve been to (for a second year in a roll)!

    November 2023