nukhu (noo-koo) is a film festival with online voting and exclusive screenings curated by creators.

Watch the 2019 Best nuvee at

Submissions that receive a "Selected" status on FilmFreeway are pre-approved to compete in nukhufest 2020 by being uploaded to Only films that are uploaded to nukhu are officially in competition.

nukhufest brings overlooked films to the silver screen through 2 rounds of judge and panel voting.

The 1st round of voting takes place on You must create an account to view and judge films.

Round 2 of voting takes place in New York City in front of a live panel of film critics where the Best nuvee winner is decided.

How it works:
1. Filmmakers submit films to nukhu for consideration.
2. Fans vote for their favorites.
3. Finalists are announced at 12PM on October 10th at 12PM EST.
4. Judges watch the top 10 finalists & decide the 2020 Best nuvee.
5. The 2020 Best nuvee award is presented.

Reserve your ticket to be a judge on the film critic panel at

Film Eligibility:
1. Only films completed during or after 2019 and uploaded by 12pm EST, October 10th will be eligible for nukhufest 2020. Any prior screenings will not affect eligibility.
2. Submissions may be any duration or genre. All submissions are reviewed by the nukhu committee based on their storytelling and human spirit.

Filmmakers that participate in nukhufest 2020 will be able to take advantage of:
-Our worldwide audience and a chance to win the best nuvee of the year award, dinner with the producers of nukhufest, in addition to a $1000 cash prize.
-Priority media placement on Instagram, Twitter, and Email newsletters.

Learn more at

The top 10 most voted nuvees will become the 2020 nukhufest finalists at 12pm EST October 10th, 2020. The top 10 finalists are screened for review in front of a live panel of film critics to determine the Best nuvee by ballot at the annual nukhu ball award ceremony.

The 2020 nukhu winner will receive:
a. $1000 cash prize
b. Hand-signed nukhu ball
c. Private dinner with the producers of nukhufest

nukhu content submission guidelines: nukhu is a curated media festival and marketplace that helps filmmakers by allowing their short films, feature films, and music videos to be available online. If you are interested in having your audio-visual content appear on, you may submit it to nukhu for consideration by filling out an official submission form, paying any applicable submission fee, and uploading your content. You may make multiple submissions. By following the above submissions procedure, you represent, warrant and agree that: (I) nukhu is under no obligation to accept any submission or return submitted materials to you; (II) You own the copyright in all of the content that you submit (except to the extent it incorporates public domain materials or music, clips, or other materials that are properly licensed); (III) You currently hold and own all world wide digital and other distribution rights in all content that you submit and will promptly advise nukhu if there is a change in such circumstances at The submission fees are as follows: waived/reduced for a limited time. Submission fees are non-refundable and subject to change. If nukhu notifies you that it would like to feature your content on its platforms, then you will be given an opportunity to enter into a “Content License Agreement” with nukhu, which, among other things: (i) will grant nukhu the non-exclusive right to distribute, market, promote, reproduce, perform, display and sell downloads of and stream your submission on and other nukhu-branded URLs; and (ii) will give you the right to share in a percentage of the net revenue derived from sales and other exploitations of your content by nukhu. If nukhu presents you with a Content License Agreement, and you wish to have your content on, nukhu may also require you to provide stills from your audio-visual work, related press materials, a director head shot and filmography, and/or a video trailer of your work. Please do not send any materials to nukhu (other than your initial audio-visual submission) unless asked to do so by nukhu. Unless a Content License Agreement is signed between nukhu and you, nukhu will not use content you submit by the above procedure for any purpose except as required by nukhu to internally determine, in its sole discretion, whether it is interested in featuring your content on its platforms. You are not giving up copyright ownership over your audio-visual content by submitting it to nukhu by the above procedure.