New York Odyssey Film Festival (NYOFF) celebrates the art of cinema, with cash awards, competitive categories, and a network that thrives on filmmaker collaboration. Beyond our live premiere events, NYOFF nurtures talent growth by providing residency opportunities, empowering filmmakers to refine their craft and excel in the industry. Dedicated to recognizing original and inspiring work, NYOFF stands as a beacon for independent and emerging filmmakers.

NYOFF is a non-profit arts organization born from the passion of filmmakers, for filmmakers. Committed to building a community of creatives, NYOFF challenges existing systems of film production and pioneers a new wave of cinema in New York and abroad.

•Best Short Film
•Best Documentary
•Best Actor (All genders considered)
•Best Supporting Actor (All genders considered)
•Best Director
•Best Editing
•Best Sound Design
•Best Cinematography

•Oracle Award - Women's Voice in Cinema - $300
The Oracle Award advances gender parity in the film industry by amplifying all women & non-binary filmmakers, honoring their unique perspectives in the cinematic landscape.

•Kaleidoscope Award - BIPOC Voices in Cinema - $300
Reflecting the diverse and vibrant patterns of a kaleidoscope, this award celebrates BIPOC filmmakers.

•Spotlight Award - $300
Presented to a student or first-time filmmaker whose work demonstrates excellence and promises great potential in their future endeavors.

•Limelight Award - $300
Celebrating the beauty and diversity of queer narratives, this award honors a filmmaker whose work compellingly explores queerness.

•Moonlight Award - $300
Recognizing films that capture the spirit of midnight movies, the Moonlight Award celebrates works that defy genres, delivering thrills, schlock, camp, cult, horror, comedy, musicals, exploitation, or something uniquely captivating.

•Odyssey Award - Grand Prize - $500
Our Grand Prize is chosen from one of the winners of the categories listed above and must meet the following requirements:
-Made for $20,000 or less
-Made in NY (To be considered “Made in NY” the majority of a film's production must be conducted in New York State.)

Films must be completed between 2021 and 2024.
Films must be available for download via FilmFreeway, Vimeo Screener, or WeTransfer.
Films publicly available on the internet without a password are not eligible.
We accept films from anywhere in the world. All submitted material must be in English or with English subtitles.
We do not require premiere status for submissions, and entrants are kindly requested to inform us if their film will be making its premiere at the festival. This information helps us in our promotional efforts and event planning.
Films must be uploaded and submitted by the specified deadline to qualify for the respective entry fees.
Late films will not be accepted after the final deadline.
Every submitted film will be viewed in its entirety by member(s) of our selection team.

All films are eligible for any award they qualify for and have the chance of winning cash prizes.
Monetary awards are in USD and will be distributed in accordance with the law.
All selected films and winning films will receive NYOFF Official Laurels.
Entrants retain all ownership rights to their films and photographs submitted.
Film excerpts or trailers of selected films may be displayed on NYOFF's website and social media for publicity.
Press kits are encouraged and should include screenshots, film poster (if available), full production credits, director’s biography, film synopsis (up to 100 words), and trailer (if available).
Director’s Statements and Cover Letters are strongly encouraged to provide insight into the filmmaker's vision and goals.
All submitted material must be the original work of the author(s), except for copyrighted music, which we accept.
Students are welcome and should include school information in their cover letter.

Entry fees are non-refundable. No refunds will be issued for any reason.
If you are a low-budget filmmaker passionate about your film's place in our festival but are unable to pay the submission fee, contact us to see if you are eligible for a partial or full waiver. Email your request to
We do not provide lodging or travel stipends however, we will assist traveling filmmakers with affordable options if requested.

Upon invitation, participants will be contacted via email with format confirmation, exhibition details, and delivery instructions.
Contest applicants must accept without reservations the decisions rendered by the competition.
We reserve the right NOT to award in any category if our panel's scores do not lead to a selection.
Entrants must respond to our nomination email by August 3rd. If a response is not received by this deadline, the film will be deemed ineligible for inclusion in the festival.

Any questions? Please email

Overall Rating
  • Olivier Simon

    Very happy with the nomination for our film NORTH OF THE NIGHT 2022 and A CONTRE-BANDE, honorable mention in 2023. Very promising film festival. To be continued...

    November 2023
  • We were so honored to receive a Best Actor nomination from the New York Odyssey Film Festival!

    October 2023
  • I was honored to participate in this year's New York Odyssey Film Festival with "The Librarian" short film! - 😃😃😃🙏🙏🙏👏👏👏

    October 2023
  • Erik Ta

    NYOFF is a strong, emerging fest at a cool venue. The staff are all friendly and it was a nice time attending the screening to a packed, receptive crowd. They promote well on social media and we appreciated greatly the nominations for 'Best Short, Director, Editor, and Sound Design', and ecstatic we won 'Best Director' and the 'Moonlight Award' for White Gaze.

    September 2023
  • A lovely festival to be a part of! The communication and organization were brilliant throughout. We are honored that our AVE GRADIVA received an honorable mention for BEST SHORT FILM
    All our warm love from TEL AVIV to NEW YORK. Yuri Riklis & BELLA DORA CINECREATIONS

    September 2023