Seoul International New Media Festival (NeMaf) is the annual festival that shows media-based art with innovative spirit in its themes and forms.

The types of works we show include single-channel/multi channel video art, media art, documentary, and experimental films. It takes place at multiple cinemas around Hongdae area in Seoul.

Awards (10,000,000 KRW in total)

- Best Korean Propose
- Best Glocal Propose
- Best Glocal Propose X
- Korea Alternative Cinema
- Audience Jury Award (cinema, exhibition)

- Eligibility: Media-based works completed after January 2016, which show alternative, experimental and creative insight in themes and forms. (Any form of media-based works available for screening including alternative, experimental, animated films, documentary, media art and single-channel video.)

- Please note that the work must be subtitled in English or Korean unless the dialogue is in English or Korean.

- You can submit your work using FilmFreeway: